Selena Gomez si The Weeknd sunt adorabili in Amsterdam

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De cand sunt un cuplu, Selena si The Weeknd au calatorit impreuna si s-au vizitat in locurile in care sustineau concerte.

Saptamana asta Selena a mers in Amsterdam sa-l sustina pe The Weeknd la noul lui concert si cum cei doi au devenit Instagram offcial, Selena a postat fotografii cu ea backstage.

Se pare ca Selena are de gand sa-l viziteze destul de des pe noul ei prieten in timpul noului turneu:

She plans on showing up here and there on his tour. She has a ton going on so she can’t drop everything, but she will show up on off-days.


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Selena Gomez si The Weeknd sunt adorabili in Amsterdam
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