Lorde a lansat o noua melodie

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Saptamana trecuta va povesteam ca dupa multe tease-ere si o asteptare de doi ani de zile, Lorde a lansat o noua melodie- "Green Light”.

I am so proud of this song. It's very different, and kinda unexpected. It's complex and funny and sad and joyous and it'll make you DANCE.

Albumul se numeste Melodrama, iar fiecare melodie este un alt capitol al povestii cantaretei, asa ca putem asculta acum capitolul al doilea.


Noua melodie se numeste Liability si continua povestea deceptiei in dragoste.

It’s interesting because I had this realization that because of my lifestyle and what I do for work there’s going to be a point with every single person around me where I’m gonna be a tax on them in some way. If it is having to give up a little portion of their privacy or their life becoming more difficult or whatever. It was just this moment of sadness and I remember it so vividly.


Intreg albumul va fi lansat pe 16 iunie.

I had a little cry and I was just like, 'It’s always going to be this way, at some point with everyone it’s going to be this way. But the song kind of ended up turning into a bit of a protective talismans for me. I was like, you know what, I’m always gonna have myself so I have to really nurture this relationship and feel good about hanging out with myself and loving myself.

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