Lena Dunham si #hate-ul fata de videoclipul lui Kanye, Famous

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Lena Dunham, creatoarea serialului, Girls, ne-a obisnuit deja, atat in fictiune, cat si in realitate cu atitudinea ei, no bullshit, iar strigatul pentru atentie al lui Kanye, Famous, nu a scapat fara statementul regizoarei.


In Famous, Kanye apare dezbracat intr-un pat imens, alaturi de mai multe celebritati (printre care Rihanna, Taylor Swift si Donald Trump), sugerand o imensa orgie. Artistul a organizat un eveniment grandios pentru lansarea videoclipului, difuzandu-l in premiera in fata a peste 8000 de persoane.


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Cu termeni duri, precum "disturbing," "sickening" si "unsafe for women", Lena Dunham a vorbit si de clanul Kardashian, pseudo-feminism si alte cateva lucruri care meritau zise despre aceste "boli mascate ca arta" pe care incearca sa ni le vanda vedetele timpului.

The Famous video is one of the more disturbing "artistic" efforts in recent memory...At the same time Brock Turner is getting off with a light tap for raping an unconscious woman and photographing her breasts for a group chat... As assaults are Periscoped across the web and girls commit suicide after being exposed in ways they never imagined... While Bill Cosby's crimes are still being uncovered and understood as traumas for the women he assaulted but also massive bruises to our national consciousness... Now I have to see the prone, unconscious, waxy bodies of famous women, twisted like they've been drugged and chucked aside at a rager? It gives me such a sickening sense of disease.

Dunham continua apoi:

I know that there's a hipper or cooler reaction to have than the one I'm currently having. But guess what? I don't have a hip cool reaction, because seeing a woman I love like Taylor Swift (fuck that one hurt to look at, I couldn't look), a woman I admire like Rihanna or Anna, reduced to a pair of waxy breasts made by some special effects guy in the Valley, it makes me feel sad and unsafe and worried for the teenage girls who watch this and may not understand that grainy roving camera as the stuff of snuff films.

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