Anastacia isi arata pentru prima oara cicatricile ramase in urma mastectomiei sale, intr-un pictorial alb-negru

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Cantareata Anastacia, 48 de ani, a dus o lupta cu cancerul pe care a castigat-o. Ea a pozat recent pentru revista Fault, intr-un pictorial alb-negru in care-si arata pentru prima oara cicatricile ramase in urma mastectomiei pe care a facut-o.

Ea a hotarat sa-si faca o dubla mastectomie dupa ce a luptat cu cancerul la san atat in 2003, cat si in 2013, iar de atunci a devenit foarte deschisa despre acest subiect.

Operatia de reconstructie a pieptului, in care muschi din spate i-au fost mutati in fata, i-a lasat cicatrici vizibile.

I’m nervous to let people see them, I really am, but I want to be able to go on the beach and not have the first photographs taken of my body to be ones that I didn’t give. I want to be free and knowing that this photo-shoot will be out there and available, I can be on the beach and not worry about what people think.

Paparazzi can take a photo of me breathing in and call it a gut or say all the things they want, that doesn’t scare me but my scars are a part of me and I want to be the one to reveal them. If paparazzi photographed them, I’d feel like I was being shamed but being able to release them this way, I feel extremely empowered.

Anastacia a dezvaluit ca i-a luat mult timp sa se impace cu aceste cicatrici, mai ales ca sunt mai mari decat la o astfel de operatie, deoarece medicii i-au umblat in jurul tatuajelor.

Every little thing that I’m doing, including Strictly Come Dancing was me trying to reclaim a little piece of my femininity that cancer stole from me. When you have as many surgeries as I’ve had, you lose so many female sensations that you’ll never get back.

Nipple sensation is something that cancer robbed from my anatomy and I’m used to it now but there is that little part of me that will always be lost. Doing Strictly and doing this shoot I feel like I’m finally becoming the woman that I was again.

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