Videoclip nou de la The Streets - Breakbeat Barz

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Mike Skinner de la The Streets a mai urcat o piesa scurta pe site. Aceasta se numeste Breakbeat Barz, iar in clip Skinner pare sa joace Call of Duty 4. Totul este filmat din spate, iar piesa incepe cu mesajul "students, revolt!". Cel mai probabil, in sensul ca tinerii ar trebui sa lase jocurile pe calculator si sa inceapa sa-si exprime revolta on the streets.

Se pare ca piesa a inceput de la acest post de pe blogul The Streets, din care citam:

"I mean what is it with the Brits? We are fucking rubbish at standing up for ourselves, we’re too polite. Bring us our food tepid and wrong and we sit there and take it and eat our humble pie cold. Stand on our feet and we say sorry. The last decent riot we had was the poll tax ones, they were pretty good, but the government just changed the name and now we all pay council tax like a right bunch of mugs. We cow tow to our bosses, feel bad when we have to call in sick with aids, the French. they work half an hour late they get a day off.

What is it that makes us like this? We’re just not fucking angry enough."

Avem si noi ceva de invatat de aici:


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Videoclip nou de la The Streets - Breakbeat Barz
#1 -

students, revolt!

or probably because government is cutting budget in education and universities want to raise taxes up to £ 9000 per year or probably maybe just because of the weather in England. who knows, right?

Pentru a posta trebuie sa fii logat.

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