Interviu cu Liset Alea, solista de la Nouvelle Vague

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Dupa concertul Nouvelle Vague, am ramas fascinati de energia de pe scena, de spectacolul vizual, de mixul de voci si de roluri. Ne-am simtit ca la teatru, film, musical, spectacol de dans - toate in acelasi timp, de aceea am numit-o o experienta completa.

Un mare rol in crearea acestui efect asupra publicului il are Liset Alea, una din soliste, care a purtat, in concertul de la Bucuresti o rochie in dungi cu aripi-de-fluture. A cantat, a dansat, s-a tavalit pe jos, a sarit, a vorbit cu publicul si ne-a transmis multa energie. Am vrut sa aflam mai multe despre ea, asa ca dupa ce i-am savurat biografia (stiati ca de fapt este cubaneza?), am luat-o la intrebari.

1. How was your experience in Bucharest?
It was marked by a feeling of connection, as if the Romanian audience is hungry to connect, or maybe It was me who was, but either way, I felt like my efforts were understood and the public was very fun to perform for.

2. The audience was fascinated by YOU: the dress, the moves, the voice, the energy. Tell us more about our appearence. How do you choose your outfit?

You have the most beautiful women! I was amazed at how many gorgeous girls were in the audience. I choose my clothes according to how I want to move in them. I think I am more comfortable onstage than offstage. I can get very self conscious offstage sometimes.


3. How is your Nouvelle Vague experience? (i know you have some solo work and some other projects. At this time, are you involved in other projects?)

I am involved in so many projects that my cat is starting to forget my name. Nouvelle Vague has been my main project for the past 3 years, but now I have joined some very exciting new projects such as Yasmine Hamdan, a lebanese singer in whose band I play Bass, electric guitar, percussion and sing some backups in Arabic! (very exciting since i don't speak a word of arabic!).

I also play Bass in Elodie Freger's live shows, she's a brilliant french singer, and I co-wrote 3 songs on her album. Her album has a retro-cuban feel to it, so since I am cuban, I thought it would be a great pleasure to play in her band, and she is an amazing singer, I learn a lot with her.

I play bass and sing with a greek electro artist named Olga Kouklaki, with her I did a song called Hollow Lives which is about the emptiness & solitude of modern day city life. I am actually on my way right now to Greece, we have a 2 week tour of the greek islands playing live! Last year we got to open for Duran Duran in Thessaloniki! That was an incredible experience.

And of course I'm preparing an album for myself for next year. I have a collection of songs ready, and I'm taking my time because I don't have much free time but also because I like the idea of doing an album slowly.

4. I know that you've been traveling a lot. So, where do you feel at HOME?

I guess I feel at home in airplanes, in hotels, in bathtubs with very hot water, in the right conversation I always feel at home, when I am wandering around lost in a strange city I feel at home. My spirit is mobile, maybe because i was taken out of my native country at an early age, I have come to associate foreign with familiar. One of the songs in my upcoming album is called "Algo Familiar", it's exactly about this subject, and it's in spanish.

5. You must be very tired, especially when you are touring. What do you dream at night?

Recently I am having lots of nightmares, I don't know why. But my favorite dreams are the ones in which I wake up inside the dream, and I know I'm dreaming, and I can do whatever I want, fly through walls, walk inside the water, make love to whoever I want, visit people who have died and talk to them.

6.Tell me one guilty culinary pleasure.

My guilty culinary pleasure is Olive Oil. I spend lots of money on really good olive oils and I put it on everything! I am obsessed with olive oil. i just found an olive oil named ALEA in Greece. Pretty exciting.

8. First time on stage

 I was very young. I was in Costa Rica, my mother tells me the story, I was 4 years old. There was a festival in the town where we lived and people were going onstage to perform and do their shows, and at some point I left my seat and went up to the stage, my mother didn't know what I was going to do, she was in shock, and apparently she tells me I told them I had a poem to recite and I took the microphone and I recited a 3 line poem which I still remember. She told me the entire festival was laughing because they thought it was so cute, but maybe they were laughing at me because I looked like an over-excited little boy with a squirrel's voice.

9. You are an inspiration. But where do you find your inspiration?
I have some heroes that guide me. First of all my parents then a few artists that I love: Henry Miller (American Author), Wislawa Szymborska (Polish Poet), Anais Nin (Cuban/french writer), Uta Hagan (theater director), Pina Bausch (choreographer), Joni Mitchell (Singer & Painter, Calvin & Hobbes (cartoon characters / my philosophical instructors)

10. What did you want to become when you were little?

Always singing.

(Toate pozele sunt de pe pagina oficiala de facebook Liset Alea)


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