Interviu: Krafty Kuts

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Krafty Kuts, unul dintre cei mai apreciati DJ din lume, vine vinerea aceasta, 21 mai, in club Gaia Alterego. Martin Reeves (pe numele sau real) a suprins audienta din primul moment in care a mixat la un concurs, a inceput cu hip-hop, a avut un magazin de discuri in Brighton, apare in topurile celor mai buni DJ din lume si este unul dintre cei mai importanti si cautati oameni din zona breakbeat.

In pregatire pentru petrecerea de vineri, Krafty Kuts ne-a raspuns la cateva intrebari. Versiunea in romana o gasiti mai jos.

krafty kuts

1. How did you start making music? And why did you choose dance/hip-hop?

When I first started writing music, there was a lack of party instrumental hip hop/trip hop & big beat to play and I needed more of this kind of music, so I ended up producing more of it to play. As a result, I got offered better DJ sets and a better range of music to play out. After getting more DJ work, I started playing around with other types, like drum n bass and break beat, and my sets became more eclectic.

2. What are your major influences and how have they changed your music style?

Late 90s hip hop, early electro and 70s funk really influence me, as well as DJs like Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Afrika Bambaataa, Fatboy slim and The Beat, a 70s 2-tone reggae/ska band. I love DJs with good energy. These artists all helped me form a unique sound that people have being accustomed to, incorporating funk, disco, soul, hip hop and electro, which is the classic Krafty sound.

3. How did you meet A. Skillz? Are you still working together?

I met A.Skillz when he walked into my record shop with an early version of Tricka Technology. I knew he lived near me and I knew he was an  upcoming producer, so I was excited to meet him and hear his music, and then we went into the studio together. At the moment, we’re working together on a new project, which is a unique DJ set with 4 CDJs and 4 turntables, which will be a mash up of genres. We’re also looking to lay down some funky beats within the next 6 months, because our styles and sound are a perfect match.

4. Do you regret not having your own record store in Brighton anymore?

I don’t regret it at all. The stress of having a shop was overwhelming as it held me back from touring and producing music. Without the shop, I have fewer responsibilities and can concentrate on being a Dad, producing and DJing. Having said that, I do miss the people and the vibe from the shop.

5. What has been your greatest achievement until now?

I can’t highlight one achievement, so here are my top 3: Closing Field Day in Australia with a live performance of ‘Gimme The Breaks’ live with Kurtis Blow & A.Skillz; Performing my Freakshow album live to a sold out crowd at Fabric; and winning Best International DJ in Australia as my first artist award was incredible, because I won the award over DJs like Tiesto, Carl Cox and Paul Van Dyk, which was a massive achievement for me.

6. What project are you working on now?

I’m just finishing off my new album, which has been two years of hard work in the making. I’ve got three tracks left to produce, and expecting it to be finished in June. I’ve also got a few remixes and mix CDs in the pipeline, as well as some collaborations with some great artists. I don’t want to give away any names, but you can expect some big bass lines and funky beats.

7. And what do you do when you’re not making or playing music?

I eat good food, I exercise as much as I can and I love watching films. I’m a big fan of sci-fi, horror and thrillers, and love the Star Wars Trilogy.

8. You’ve played in many places around the world, in festivals and clubs. What’s been your favorite and why?

Australia and Hungary are probably my favourite places to play because of the nice weather and great crowds; In Oz you can play to up to 30,000 people in the sunshine. One highlight was playing at Shambala festival in Canada, which was amazing because I saw the Northern Lights. I’ve also played in an igloo, in a submarine and on the side of a mountain.

9. Anything you’d like to share with the Romanian crowd that awaits you on the 21stof May?

I think Romania is a beautiful country with wonderful people and I’m looking forward to bringing them the Krafty sound with all my new music, as its been a few months since I’ve played there.

krafty kuts

1. Cum te-ai hotarat sa devii DJ? Si cum de-ai inceput cu hip hop?

Am inceput sa compun si sa produc muzica hip hop/trip hop si big beat care sa se preteze unei petreceri. Apoi am primit din ce in ce mai multe oferte sa mixez si am inceput sa experimentez si cu alte genuri, drum n bass si break beat. Mixurile mele au devenit mai eclectice.

2. Ce surse muzicale te inspira si cum iti influenteaza ele stilul muzical?

Muzica hip hop de la sfarsitul anilor '90, inceputurile stilului electro, muzica funk din anii '70 si DJ precum Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money, Afrika Bambaataa, Fatboy Slim si The Beat (o trupa de ska-reggae din anii '70), acestea sunt lucrurile care ma inspira si care m-au ajutat sa imi formez un sound propriu, sound-ul Krafty - un amestec de funk, soul, disco, hip hop si electro.

3. Cum ai facut cunostinta cu A. Skillz? Mai lucrati impreuna?

A. Skillz a venit la magazinul meu cu un demo pentru albumul Tricka Technology. Auzisem de el si a fost interesant sa-i ascult muzica si sa lucram impreuna in studio. Acum lucram la un alt proiect, un DJ set cu 4 CDJs si 4 platane, va fi un mix de stiluri. Vom colabora si in urmatoarele 6 luni deoarece stilurile noastre muzicale se potrivesc foarte bine.

4. Regreti ca nu mai ai magazinul de discuri din Brighton?

Deloc. Sa tin magazinul era foarte stresant si nu imi ramanea timp sa plec in turneu sau sa produc piese noi. Acum am mai putine responsabilitati si ma pot concentra pe munca de DJ, producator si tata. Cu toate astea, mi-e dor de atmosfera din magazin si de oamenii care il frecventau.

5. Care este cea mai mare realizare de-a ta de pana acum?

Nu pot sa numesc un moment anume, asa ca va zic top 3: incheierea Field Day in Australia alaturi de Kurtis Blow si A. Skillz cu "Gimme The Breaks"; concertul sold-out din clubul Fabric (Londra) in care am pus albumul Freakshow si castigarea titlului de Best International DJ deoarece printre nominalizati se numarau Tiesto, Carl Cox si Paul Van Dyk. A fost primul meu premiu si o reusita incredibila.

6. La ce lucrezi acum?

Lucrez la urmatorul meu album, pe care il pregatesc de doi ani. Mai am de terminat 3 piese si sper sa o fac pana in iunie. Mai pregatesc si cateva remixuri, mix CD's si cateva colaborari cu niste muzicieni extraordinari. Nu vreau sa le divulg numele, dar va puteti astepta la mult bas si funky beats.

7. Cu ce iti ocupi timpul cand nu faci muzica?

Mananc sanatos, fac sport pe cat pot si imi place sa ma uit la filme. Sunt un mare fan al genurilor SF, horror si thriler si a filmelor din trilogia Star Wars.

8. Ai avut ocazia sa mixezi in multe locuri din lume. Unde ti-a placut cel mai mult?

Australia si Ungaria sunt probabil locurile unde imi place cel mai mult sa mixez datorita vremii placute si a publicului genial. In Australia ai ocazia sa canti in fata a 30.000 de oameni pe plaja. Misto a fost si la festivalul Shambala in Canada deoarece am avut ocazia sa observ Aurora Boreala. Am mai canta intr-un igloo, un submarin si un versant de munte.

9. Ai ceva sa le transmiti celor ce vor veni pe 21 mai la petrecere?

Romania este o tara frumoasa cu oameni extraordinari si abia astept sa le prezint ultimele mele melodii avand in vedere ca au trecut cateva luni de cand am cantat ultima oara aici.

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