Interviu: China Forbes de la Pink Martini

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Romanii au o noua dependenta muzicala, cea de Pink Martini. Iubitorii muzicii oferite de Pink Martini isi primesc noua doza de spectacol perfect la Ciuc Summer Fest, pe 17 iulie.

In asteptarea unui concert elegant si delicat in sunete, ne-am gandit sa vorbim cu China Forbes, solista Pink Martini, si s-o intrebam cum a fost pana acum in Romania si cu ce ar vrea s-o intampinam pe 17 iulie. I-am rapit solistei cateva minute si ne-am bucurat sa-i auzim vocea la telefon, a fost ca un preview pentru spectacolul pentru care mai avem putina rabdare in clepsidra entuziasmului.

1. Hey China. Long time, no heard. This is your third time in Romania; what is the general feeling that you developed after the last 2 visits in our country, what is the big picture that you have about the Romanian audience?

It was a great experience there in Romania. It was one of our biggest concerts. There were 4000 people and everybody seemed to know the songs, the music. It’s always so amazing coming for the first time in a country and having this perception when leaving. We loved coming there and that's why we can’t wait to come back.

2. And we can't wait for you to come back. This year you will be singing out in the open; is there a different style in holding a concert outside, especially for the type of music you're singing?

There's definitely something different inside a theatre; besides acoustics, everybody’s like in a container and things can float away easily so I think you have to be a little bigger, especially for a big crowd, as the audience we expect to have. You have to be larger than life for people to hear and feel the music and that's what we want.

3. We give you the opportunity to say beforehand what are your wishes from the Romanian audience, how do you want it to be?

I just want the people from the audience to be themselves. I probably expect a similar experience like the one we had for the last two concerts. When I'll get on stage I will assume that the audience is as excited as it was at the last two concerts so there is nothing that I would change.

4. Have you learned some Romanian words? If so, what words?

Not yet. I mean, I’ve learned some words while I was there but I forgot them. I do know one word, Irina Schrotter, but I remember it because I wore her dress.

5. If you had the opportunity to choose a movie for which to do the soundtrack for, which one will it be?

Besides the soundtracks that we already did, I think that Todd Hayne's "Far from Heaven" would be a perfect movie for us because it's a period movie from the 50's and we could do that kind of film. Also, even though I haven't see "A Single Man" I think we could do the music for this film. I would say that a movie which is somewhat retro would be good for us.

6. What song would you declare a hit from your newest album, "Splendor in the Grass"?

As an independent band, it’s more about the songs we like to play on stage than the ones that have better tracking. From the new album, my favourite song is "Over the valley", a beautiful ballad. I love singing this song because it’s very personal, it’s about me and my family. I also like “Tuca Tuca”, it's a fun song to sing, especially doing it with the audience, that’s very funny. Another song that I love singing is "Piensa en mi" by Chavela Vargas.

7. Can't wait to hear these songs on stage here. Tell us something, do you ever wear something pink or drink martini?

I do wear something pink, I even have a pink scarf that I like wearing. And I also drink martini sometimes but I don't like pink martini, I like vodka martini, but never a sweet one, I don't like sweet drinks.

8. What do you and the band do when you don't want to work?

When we're on tour, everybody likes to explore the cities we're visiting, the shops, have brunches in the city and explore some more. When we’re home, we all disperse and get back to our homes and we're always running around trying to catch up with our life. I have a personal trainer, I try to catch up with my bills, see my friends, I love to cook. I have an one year old son and I try to spend as much time as I can with him. My life is separated between traveling and home, it’s always back and forth, very confusing, but never boring.  

9. You said you like to explore the cities you visit. What have you managed to visit in Bucharest?

As I was in an urgent need for a dress, I got off the plane and jumped directly in the shops in the city and then in the Mall. We also got to visit the People's Palace and there was a big party there or something, I think that even the President was there. The second time, I was there with my son and I couldn't visit a lot of places. I am curious to be there in the summer and check the city out.

10. One last question, well, more of an invitation. Would you go out with our team for a beer after the show?

For a Romanian beer?... a big pause so we still don't know if we can take the Pink Martinis out for a drink. We'll see.

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