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Making pop music without losing sight of your own cultural background. That is what Portuguese band Amor Electro achieved on their successful album Cai o Carmo e a Trindade.

It is the big challenge for musicians on the European mainland. How to preserve your independence and your cultural background, when performing in the Anglo-Saxon style of popular music. Portuguese band Amor Electro have found the perfect balance between these two worlds. First of all they have the charismatic and beautiful face of the band, singer Marisa Liz. Her Portuguese lyrics and great voice define the uniqueness of Amor Electro. Secondly there are the four other musicians of Amor Electro. Not just bass, guitar, drums and synths, also Portuguese guitar, accordion and traditional Portuguese percussion are to be heard on their album Cai o Carmo e a Trindade. If you have to compare it to famous pop bands you can name Massive Attack, Muse or Air who operate in the vicinity of Amor Electro. Their debut was a huge success in Portugal, reaching the number one spot in the charts. Besides that they are nominated as the best Portuguese act in 2011 and 2012 for the MTV Europe Music Awards. And nothing less than a well deserved EBBA Award Winner.

Check out this interview with Amor Electro. This video is part of the anniversary rockumentary of the tenth edition of the EBBA Awards. |MusicBrainz

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