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Gwydion's journey started in 1995, a project founded by a group of friends that shared the same passion for metal and interest in Celtic culture. The ...
Gen: folk metal, viking metal, black metal, melodic black metal, metal


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Folkearth is an international folk metal supergroup. Until now they have released 11 albums. Their debut " A Nordic Poem " was released in 2004, their ...
Gen: folk metal, viking metal, pagan metal, metal


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Windir (Primal Warrior in English) was a black metal band from Sogndal, Norway. The band combined black metal with folk music and mythology. The band ...
Gen: black metal, viking metal, folk metal, pagan metal, metal


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Skálmöld is an Icelandic metal band formed in August 2009. The band originally counted 5 members, all of whom had been formerly active in other bands, ...
Gen: folk metal, viking metal, icelandic, pagan metal, melodic death metal


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Enslaved is a metal band from Bergen, Norway. Their style has changed over the years. Originally being an old-school black metal / viking metal act, t ...
Gen: black metal, viking metal, progressive black metal, progressive metal


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Einherjer was formed in January 1993 by Frode Glesnes (Guitar) and Gerhard Storesund (Drums). Based in Haugesund, a small town on the west coast of No ...
Gen: metal, viking metal, folk metal, black metal, pagan metal


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KromleK is a Folk Metal band from Bavaria, Germany, founded in 2004. It consists of Nhévann (lead guitar), Alex (bass guitar), Aoife (violin), Forað ...
Gen: folk metal, viking metal, pagan metal, black metal, metal

XIV Dark Centuries

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XIV Dark Centuries este o trupa de Pagan Metal din Thuringia, Germania.
Gen: pagan metal, folk metal, viking metal, black metal, metal


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Riger este o trupa de Viking/Pagan Metal din Frankfurt, Germania, fondata in anul 1996. Versurile au ca baza folclorul german si nordic. Membri: In ...
Gen: pagan metal, black metal, viking metal, heathen metal, metal


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Fimbulvet este o trupa de Pagan Black Metal din Schmalkalden, Thuringia, Germania formata in anul 2003. Membri: Stephan - chitara, vocal Steffen Meh ...
Gen: pagan metal, black metal, pagan black metal, viking metal

Black Messiah

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Black Messiah was founded in 1994 as a pure, old-school Black Metal band. The songs of the members at that time, Zagan (Vox, Bass), Frohnleichnam (Gui ...
Gen: pagan metal, black metal, viking metal, folk metal


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Wolfchant is a band formed in St. Oswald, Germany in 2003. The band plays epic pagan metal with influences of black metal and viking/folk metal. Wolfc ...
Gen: pagan metal, folk metal, viking metal, epic pagan metal


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Borknagar is a band from Bergen, Norway founded in 1995 by Øystein Garnes Brun . The band began as a black metal / viking metal band and quickly adopt ...
Gen: black metal, viking metal, folk metal, progressive metal, metal


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Sólstafir este o trupa de metal din Reykjavík, Islanda, formata in 1995. Numele trupei se traduce prin "raze crepusculare" Componenta originala: Að ...
Gen: black metal, post-black metal, progressive metal, viking metal


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1) Northland is a Viking / Folk Metal band from Spain. They formed in 2004. Their demo " Freezing Sadness " is available for download from their MySpa ...
Gen: folk metal, viking metal, pagan metal, epic metal, spanish


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SuidAkrA is a Melodic Death Metal band with folk influences from Germany. There is a very prominent Gothenburg metal sound to their music. Current li ...
Gen: melodic death metal, folk metal, death metal, viking metal, metal


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Nerthus este o formatie de folk/black metal originara din Austria. Trupa a fost formata in 1999 de trei membri: Alex Hiebaum, Clemens Hiebaum (clape), ...
Gen: folk metal, black metal, pagan metal, viking metal, austrian


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Mithotyn a fost o formatie de viking metal originara din Suedia. A fost formata in 1993, insa au scos primul album abia in 1997. Primele doua albume, ...
Gen: viking metal, folk metal, black metal, pagan metal, swedish


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One weekend in 2004, in Oslo, Norway, a bunch of goons became bored with the selection of party music that was available to them, and, helped along by ...
Gen: metal, folk metal, troll metal, viking metal, black metal


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Trupa a fost infiintata in anul 1994 de catre Jontho (tobe). In anul 1995 trupa lanseaza primul album intitulat Nattferd, album lansat de catre casa d ...
Gen: black metal, norwegian black metal, norwegian, viking metal, metal

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