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Shylmagoghnar is a Dutch metal project founded by Nimblkorg and Skirge. Their self-produced and distributed debut album"Emergence"was released in Febr ...
Gen: atmospheric black metal, progressive black metal, black metal, metal, melodic black metal

Tom Odell

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Tom Peter Odell is a British singer-songwriter from Chichester, who studied at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. Signed to Columbia Records, Ode ...
Gen: indie, folk, seen live, british, singer-songwriter

The Real McKenzies

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Real McKenzies is a Celtic punk band founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1992, described as"a guitar-and-bagpipe wailing Celtic punk rock-and-roll". They ...
Gen: celtic punk, punk, folk punk, punk rock


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Spurv is an instrumental post-rock band from Oslo, Norway. The band was founded by Gustav Jørgen Pedersen (guitar), Herman Otterlei (guitar) and Hans ...
Gen: post-rock, instrumental, post rock

Throes of Dawn

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Throes of Dawn is a metal band from Helsinki, Finland, formed back in 1994 in the city of Vaasa by Henri Koivula (vocals) and Jani Heinola (synth). T ...
Gen: Dark metal, doom metal, black metal, metal

The Apache Relay

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The Apache Relay este o trupa americana de folk-rock din Nashville, Tennessee, formata din Michael Ford, Jr (singer/guitarist), Mike Harris (guitar), ...
Gen: indie, Alt-country, Nashville, Recommended, kickasstic

Steven Wilson

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Steven Wilson (born Steven John Wilson on November 3, 1967, in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England) is a self-taught producer, audio engineer, and ...
Gen: Progressive rock, experimental, singer-songwriter, Progressive, steven wilson


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Skiltron is an Argentinian folk metal band with power, heavy and celtic influences. A lot of their lyrics are based on Scottish history. Emilio Souto ...
Gen: folk metal, power metal, celtic metal, folk power metal, metal

The Rumjacks

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The Rumjacks are a celtic, folk, punk band incorporating banjo, tin whistle and mandolin with roaring guitars and crashing drums into their sound.
Gen: celtic punk, punk, celtic, rock


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Skogen is an atmospheric black metal band from the deep woods of southern Sweden. The band was brought to life in 2009, they have since released four ...
Gen: atmospheric black metal, black metal, folk metal, metal


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Sparks este o trupa de rock americana formata in 1970 in Los Angeles de catre fratii Ron si Russell Mael.
Gen: new wave, glam rock, pop, rock, synth pop

Sangre de Muerdago

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SANGRE DE MUERDAGO brings you the sounds of the old forests, nature, dusk, dawn.... old melodies in a language of celtic/galician folk, communion with ...
Gen: neofolk, folk, celtic, irish


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Toundra is a band from Madrid, Spain, formed in 2007 as a phoenix from the ashes of the recently-dissolved Nacen De Las Cenizas , which left a good ta ...
Gen: post-rock, post-metal, instrumental, sludge, ambiental sludge

Sleeping Bear

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Sleeping Bear is an instrumental rock band from Kyiv, Ukraine. The band formed in winter of 2011 and after several changes of line-up played their fir ...
Gen: post-rock, instrumental, ambient, epic


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Skepticism is a funeral doom metal band from Riihimäki, Finland. Formed in 1991, they are regarded as one of the pioneers of the genre.Combining painf ...
Gen: funeral doom metal, doom metal, funeral doom, finnish, metal

The Moon and the Nightspirit

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The Moon and the Nightspirit is a neofolk / medieval folk band from Hungary, formed by Ágnes Tóth (vocals, violin) and Mihály Szabó (vocals, acoustic ...
Gen: neofolk, folk, medieval, ethereal, pagan folk

Soap Kills

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Soapkills (aka Soapkills ), composes original sensual and melancholy electronic arrangements with strong inspiration from the classical arabic reperto ...
Gen: trip-hop, electronic, downtempo

Tove Lo

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Tove Nilsson aka Tove Lo (born 29 October 1987), is a female singer and songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden whose style can be defined by her indie-pop ...
Gen: pop, swedish, electronic, female vocalists, indie

Slaughtered Priest

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Slaughtered priest were formed in Greece in 2007 by Ungod (from Sad /Necrohell /Kvele /ex- Insidius Infernus / ex=Nargothrond) and Ghoul in order to p ...
Gen: metal, thrash metal, blackened thrash metal, black metal, black thrash metal

The Veronicas

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The Veronicas is a band consisting of identical twin sisters Jessica Louise Origliasso and Lisa Marie Origliasso (born December 25, 1984 in Brisbane, ...
Gen: pop, pop rock, female vocalists, australian, rock

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