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The Real McKenzies

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Real McKenzies is a Celtic punk band founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1992, described as"a guitar-and-bagpipe wailing Celtic punk rock-and-roll". They ...
Gen: celtic punk, punk, folk punk, punk rock

The Rumjacks

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The Rumjacks are a celtic, folk, punk band incorporating banjo, tin whistle and mandolin with roaring guitars and crashing drums into their sound.
Gen: celtic punk, punk, celtic, rock

Punish Yourself

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Punish Yourself are an ebm / industrial metal band from France, who incorporate: hammering beats, guitar riffs, loops / samples, ambient waves & ...
Gen: industrial, cyberpunk, industrial metal, punk


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Madddog este o trupa punk-rock/reggae de origine italiana, formata in anul 2008. Sound-ul trupei include o multime de genuri muzicale: punk-ul este fo ...
Gen: Reggae, punk, hard-core, hard-rock, ska

The Incredible Hagen

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Die Ärzte (pronounced DEE AIR-TS-teh, German for " The Doctors " or " The Physicians " ) are a punk rock band from Berlin, Germany. Die Ärzte are one ...
Gen: punk rock, german, punk, rock, deutschrock

hed pe

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They fuse punk energy with hip hop lyrics and instrumentation to form a sound they call “G-punk” (A combination of G-Funk and Punk). They have also be ...
Gen: rapcore, hardcore punk, hip-hop, metal, punk

Pipes and Pints

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Pasionat de muzica punk rock si folk, Vojta Kalina a fost cel care in 2006 a pus bazele trupei Pipes and Pints la Praga, in Cehia, inregistrand un pri ...
Gen: folk punk, celtic punk, punk, punk rock

The Men

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The Men are a noise punk/post-hardcore band from Brooklyn, NY. They released the We are The Men"12" EP in 2009, the Immaculada LP in 2010 as well as a ...
Gen: noise rock, punk

Wet Nuns

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Wet Nuns is a venture into the blues; deep South Yorkshire rootsy blues and modern lo-fi blues-punk from Sheffield, Alabama!A ride into the dark and s ...
Gen: punk, blues

Unextraordinary Gentlemen

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We've created the Unextraordinary Gentlemen (UXG) to explore our love for post-punk, synth-pop, industrial & experimental music combined with the ...
Gen: steampunk, industrial, electronic, alternative, punk

Sick Of It All

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Sick Of It All is a nyhc band formed by brothers Lou Koller (vocals) and Pete Koller (guitar) in 1986.Formed during 1986 in Queens, the band released ...
Gen: hardcore, nyhc, hardcore punk, punk, punk rock

Die Roten Rosen

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Die Roten Rosen (German for ' The Red Roses ' ) is an alias of the German band Die Toten Hosen . Die Roten Rosen are usually activated for alb ...
Gen: punk rock, punk, rock

Die Toten Hosen

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Die Toten Hosen (al caror nume s-ar traduce " pantalonii morti " , expresie care in germana inseamna " plicticos " sau " far ...
Gen: punk rock, punk, rock,

DZ Deathrays

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Two piece thrash-pop band from Brisbane, Australia. Started playing house parties, will most likely end at one. Formerly DZ.
Gen: dance-punk, punk, indie, thrash-pop,


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Iceage is a band from Copenhagen, Denmark. They released their debut album "New Brigade" in January 2011.
Gen: post-punk, punk, hardcore punk, punk rock

Fucked Up

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Fucked Up is a hardcore punk band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Gen: hardcore, hardcore punk, punk, punk rock

The Gruesomes

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Bobby Beaton (guitar / vocals), Gerry Alvarez (guitar / vocals), John Davis (bass) and his brother Eric Davis (drums) were all between the ages of 16 ...
Gen: garage rock, garage punk, punk, 80s, garage


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Magazine were an influential British post punk band founded in 1977 by former Buzzcocks singer Howard Devoto and guitarist John McGeoch. The other mem ...
Gen: post-punk, new wave, punk, british, post punk

Courtney Love

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Courtney Love (born Courtney Michelle Harrison on July 9, 1964) is the lead singer for the band Hole . Love is also a solo artist, an occasional model ...
Gen: grunge, rock, alternative, punk


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Sarabante este o trupa de hardcore punk din Atena (Grecia) fondata in anul 2006
Gen: neocrust, dark hardcore, kanoune soufres sourothri, punk, hardcore

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