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Death In Rome

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Death in Rome is a neofolk group covering pop songs.
Gen: neofolk, pop, folk


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Vàli is a dark folk musician from Norway. Vàli began his solo work in 2003. His music involves acoustic guitar pieces, occasionally accompanied by ins ...
Gen: neofolk, folk, dark folk, acoustic

Sangre de Muerdago

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SANGRE DE MUERDAGO brings you the sounds of the old forests, nature, dusk, dawn.... old melodies in a language of celtic/galician folk, communion with ...
Gen: neofolk, folk, celtic, irish


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Nebelung is a dark folk group from Bonn, Germany, founded in 2004 by Stefan Otto (vocals, guitars) and Thomas List (guitars). The duo was later joined ...
Gen: neofolk, dark folk, folk, acoustic

The Moon and the Nightspirit

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The Moon and the Nightspirit is a neofolk / medieval folk band from Hungary, formed by Ágnes Tóth (vocals, violin) and Mihály Szabó (vocals, acoustic ...
Gen: neofolk, folk, medieval, ethereal, pagan folk

Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat

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Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat is a band from Gent, Belgium, founded by Stef Heeren. The name comes from a medieval witchcraft ritual.The band initially ...
Gen: neofolk, apocalyptic folk, dark folk, folk

Soriah With Ashkelon Sain

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The Portland musician and ritual artist known as Soriah first came into being more than 10 years ago. His unique vision has evolved to draw equally fr ...
Gen: dark ambient, ambient, ritual ambient, folk, neofolk


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TriORE is a collaboration between Triarii and Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio This fairytale started to unfurl four years ago with the release of Triarii’s “ ...
Gen: martial industrial, neofolk, apocalyptic folk, military pop, martial


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Tenhi is a Finnish band formed in 1996, playing neofolk music which is truly the only one of its kind; a very minimalistic music with melancholic, col ...
Gen: neofolk, folk, dark folk, ambient

Blood Axis

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Emerging officially in 1989, Blood Axis is the result of much earlier foundations. Created and directed by Michael Moynihan, it has been and remains a ...
Gen: neofolk, martial industrial, apocalyptic folk, dark ambient, neoclassical

Fire + Ice

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Ian Read founded Fire + Ice in 1991 after several years as a member of Sol Invictus . According to their sole website, "The heartlessness of the mode ...
Gen: neofolk, dark folk, apocalyptic folk, folk

A Challenge of Honour

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A Challenge of Honour starts in 2000 when the German musician Johan König records his demo-tape and asks Peter Savelkoul to release it on his label, S ...
Gen: martial industrial, dark ambient, neofolk, neoclassical, industrial

In Gowan Ring

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In Gowan Ring is the musical endeavour of American composer and multi-instrumentalist B'eirth . Started in the early 1990s, In Gowan Ring plays acoust ...
Gen: neofolk, folk, dark folk, apocalyptic folk, psychedelic folk


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:Golgatha: are a diverse group of musicans creating music within the dark ambient, ritual, neo folk, and neo classical genres of music. The bands cor ...
Gen: dark ambient, neofolk, martial industrial, martial


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Oniric is an Italian duo project born in 2005, formed by Carlo De Filippo and GianVigo (Gianpiero Timbro).Their first artistic meet brought quickly to ...
Gen: neofolk, cabaret, dark cabaret, dark folk

Pantheon Legio Musica

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Pantheon Legio Musica comes from Germany and their heart beats to their love for history and ancient times, so they combine industrial and dark folk e ...
Gen: martial industrial, neofolk, neoclassical, martial, industrial


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Truart is an Ukrainian experimental atmospheric drum folk industrial band from Kherson, with a shade of march orientation. The project consists of the ...
Gen: martial industrial, neofolk, experimental, industrial, drumfolk


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Darkwood considers itself as a project arisen from the idea to express our love we feel for the homeland we have been born into and we can identify wi ...
Gen: neofolk, dark folk, apocalyptic folk, folk

Sonne Hagal

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Sonne Hagal este o trupa de neofolk din Brandenburg, Germania.
Gen: neofolk, dark folk, apocalyptic folk, folk

Rose Rovine e Amanti

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Rose Rovine e Amanti este o trupa italiana de neofolk, reprezentata de frontman-ul Damiano Mercuri, alaturi de care apar Noemi York (clape, voce, acor ...
Gen: neofolk, neoclassical, apocalyptic folk, dark folk, martial industrial

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