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Meniscus are an instrumental post-rock band based in Sydney, Australia. The group consists of guitarist Daniel Oreskovic, bassist Alison Kerjean, dru ...
Gen: post-rock, Post-Metal, instrumental, Progressive rock, experimental


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Momend este o trupa indie din Riga, Letonia. S-a format in anul 2009. Cel de-al doilea lor album, Spirals, a fost lansat in 2014 si poate fi ascult ...
Gen: indei, indie rock, indie pop


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Mihalis Aikaterinis is the name behind project Miktek, born in Mytilene (Lesvos island /Greece). Miktek is in a constant exploration of various sounds ...
Gen: ambient, idm


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Miroist matches the intense grooves of instrumental djent and progressive metal with the deep ambient washes of post-rock, post-metal and electronica. ...
Gen: progressive metal, djent, instrumental, post-metal, math metal


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Gianluigi Gasparetti (26 March 1958 – 12 April 2013), known by the pseudonym Oöphoi, was an Italian ambient musician born in Rome, Italy.Oöphoi's musi ...
Gen: ambient, dark ambient, drone, drone ambient, experimental

Northern Lite

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Northern Lite este o trupa germana de electro/pop/rock din Erfurt, cunoscuta mai ales pentru showuri live din cluburi mici din Germania, Spania, Angli ...
Gen: electronic, synthpop, electroclash, electro, german


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Necrophagist was founded in early 1992 in Karlsruhe, Germany to integrate the fury of grinding, fast death metal with technical music. In April 2008, ...
Gen: technical death metal, death metal, progressive death metal, brutal death metal, metal


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Nebelung is a dark folk group from Bonn, Germany, founded in 2004 by Stefan Otto (vocals, guitars) and Thomas List (guitars). The duo was later joined ...
Gen: neofolk, dark folk, folk, acoustic


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Manes started around the end of 1992/early 93. It started as a project with Sargatanas on vocals and Cern on guitars, synths, programming etc. – basic ...
Gen: black metal, avant-garde, experimental, avant-garde metal, electronic

Milo Greene

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A folk-pop ensemble from Los Angeles, California, the five-member Milo Greene are largely centered around vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Marlana Sheet ...
Gen: indie, folk, indie folk, acoustic, sunshine

Milky Chance

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Milky Chance este un duo german de pop rock folk alternativ, cu influente reggae si electronice si e formata din Clemens Rehbein (vocalist) si Philipp ...
Gen: indie, reggae, singer-songwriter, indie rock, blues

Man Man

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Man Man este o trupa de indie experimental din Philadelphia cu influente este europene si cu un stil si un sound unic. Trupa e formata din Honus Honu ...
Gen: experimental, indie, indie rock, post-rock, weird

Noora Noor

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Noora Noor or Noora (born July 8, 1979) is a Norwegian neo soul singer. She is often noted as Norway's Queen of Soul. Noora releases her third album " ...
Gen: soul, jazz, blues, female vocalist, norway


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Swedish production duo Astma & Rocwell has previously worked with artists like Icona Pop and Beatrice Eli are now teaming up with singer-songwrite ...
Gen: indie, electronic, indie pop, pop, swedish

Nancy Sinatra

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Nancy Sandra Sinatra Jr este o actrita sa catareata americana nascuta pe 8 iunie, 1940, in Jersey City, SUA. Este fiica lui Frank Sinatra si a primei ...
Gen: female vocalists, 60s, pop, oldies, classic rock

Menace Beach

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Trupa canta o combinatie de indie-rock si ii are ca membri pe fostii membri ai trupei Komakino, Sky Larkin si Hookworms.
Gen: indie, indie rock, leeds, seen live

Made In Heights

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MADE IN HEIGHTS este o trupa formata din Kelsey Bulkin si Alexei Saba (AKA Sabzi).
Gen: electronic, trip-hop, pop, rock, soul

My Morning Jacket

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My Morning Jacket este o trupa rock care s-a format in anul 1998 in Louisville, Kentucky, Statele Unite ale Americii. Trupa este formata din Jim James ...
Gen: indie, indie rock, alt-country, rock, alternative


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Karen Marie Ørsted (born in Odense, Denmark in 1989) better known as MØ , is a Danish singer and songwriter. In Copenhagen, Denmark 2013, she was reco ...
Gen: indie pop, dream pop, danish, indie, pop

Malignant Eternal

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Malignant Eternal is a black-/industrial-metal band formed in 1991 in Bergen, Norway.Note: Malignant Eternal is now known as M-Eternal. Members:T. Re ...
Gen: black metal, industrial black metal, industrial metal, metal

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