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Carcass is a death metal/grindcore/melodic death metal/death n roll band formed by Napalm Death guitarist Bill Steer together with drummer Ken Owen in ...
Gen: death metal, grindcore, Melodic Death Metal, goregrind, metal

Winter's Verge

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Formed in 2004, WINTER’S VERGE is the premier power/progressive metal band from Cyprus.
Gen: Power metal, heavy metal, metal


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Desert was founded in 2002 in one of Israel's industrial and cultural centers, the city of Beer-Sheva. The name Beer-Sheva stands for"Well of the Sev ...
Gen: Power metal, metal, heavy metal, epic metal


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Shylmagoghnar is a Dutch metal project founded by Nimblkorg and Skirge. Their self-produced and distributed debut album"Emergence"was released in Febr ...
Gen: atmospheric black metal, progressive black metal, black metal, metal, melodic black metal

Caladan Brood

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Caladan Brood is an epic black metal band formed in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States in 2008. The lineup consists of Shield Anvil (keyboards, guit ...
Gen: metal, atmospheric black metal, black metal, epic black metal, symphonic black metal

Throes of Dawn

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Throes of Dawn is a metal band from Helsinki, Finland, formed back in 1994 in the city of Vaasa by Henri Koivula (vocals) and Jani Heinola (synth). T ...
Gen: Dark metal, doom metal, black metal, metal


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A dark, progressive melodic death metal band from Melbourne that formed in 2004, Be'lakor has quickly come to be regarded as one of Australia's most p ...
Gen: progressive death metal, death metal, metal


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Darkspace is an ambient black metal band from Bern, Switzerland, formed in 1999. The group is comprised of three members who call themselves Wroth, Zh ...
Gen: black metal, ambient black metal, atmospheric black metal, dark ambient, ambient, metal


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Gwydion's journey started in 1995, a project founded by a group of friends that shared the same passion for metal and interest in Celtic culture. The ...
Gen: folk metal, viking metal, black metal, melodic black metal, metal


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Skiltron is an Argentinian folk metal band with power, heavy and celtic influences. A lot of their lyrics are based on Scottish history. Emilio Souto ...
Gen: folk metal, power metal, celtic metal, folk power metal, metal


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Skogen is an atmospheric black metal band from the deep woods of southern Sweden. The band was brought to life in 2009, they have since released four ...
Gen: atmospheric black metal, black metal, folk metal, metal

Bran Barr

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A celtic folk/black metal from France. The band was born in 1995 further to a concept elaborated by Aed Morban (drums). The first solid band line-up t ...
Gen: folk metal, black metal, celtic metal, pagan metal, metal


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Necrophagist was founded in early 1992 in Karlsruhe, Germany to integrate the fury of grinding, fast death metal with technical music. In April 2008, ...
Gen: technical death metal, death metal, progressive death metal, brutal death metal, metal


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One-man misanthropic black metal band from Lausanne, Switzerland. Project of Bornyhake. So far, the band has released one demo, one EP and 5 full leng ...
Gen: black metal, atmospheric black metal, ambient black metal, dark ambient, metal


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Vallendusk is an atmospheric post-black metal band from Jakarta. Since forming in 2011, they have currently released a demo, a self-titled EP in 2012 ...
Gen: atmospheric black metal, post-black metal, black metal, metal


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Elderwind is an atmospheric black metal band from Russia. Elderwind was formed in 2011, and they released their new album in 2012 called ''Волшебство ...
Gen: atmospheric black metal, black metal, atmospheric, metal


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Skepticism is a funeral doom metal band from Riihimäki, Finland. Formed in 1991, they are regarded as one of the pioneers of the genre.Combining painf ...
Gen: funeral doom metal, doom metal, funeral doom, finnish, metal


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Agalloch is a metal band formed in Portland, Oregon, United States in 1995. For twenty years the Pacific Northwest group has defined what it means to ...
Gen: doom metal, folk metal, black metal, progressive metal, metal

Slaughtered Priest

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Slaughtered priest were formed in Greece in 2007 by Ungod (from Sad /Necrohell /Kvele /ex- Insidius Infernus / ex=Nargothrond) and Ghoul in order to p ...
Gen: metal, thrash metal, blackened thrash metal, black metal, black thrash metal

Celtic Frost

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Celtic Frost was an influential metal band from Zurich, Switzerland. They are known for their heavy influence on the extreme metal and gothic metal ge ...
Gen: black metal, thrash metal, doom metal, death metal, metal

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