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Little Green Cars

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Little Green Cars are an Indie rock band from Dublin, Ireland.Little Green Cars can trace their roots back to a former band, The Revolts, founded in t ...
Gen: indie, folk, indie

James Bay

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James Bay is a 24 year-old artist who possesses that untarnished strain of talent that many newcomers lose as they develop over time. His raw expressi ...
Gen: folk, indie, singer-songwriter, british, indie pop


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Koan is an ethnic ambient duo from Russia. Koan are Daniel Roeth & Vladimir Sedov. Koan are Daniel Roeth & Vladimir Sedov. Location: Moscow, ...
Gen: ambient, chillout, psychill, electronic, downtempo

Lamia Vox

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Lamia Vox is one-woman project that explores the dark occult realms with a very professional attitude to the composition and sound of her audio witchc ...
Gen: dark ambient, ritual ambient, industrial, dark soundscape


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Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, nascut in 1991, cunoscut sub numele de Kygo, este un muzician si dj norvegian. A devenit cunoscut pentru remixul la I See Fire , ...
Gen: chillout, electronic, house, downtempo, chillwave

Lesley Gore

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Lesley Gore (born 2 May 1946 in New York City, USA as Lesley Sue Goldstein) was an American singer-songwriter, one of the best known performers of the ...
Gen: 60s, pop, oldies, female vocalists, classic rock

Like A Storm

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On their debut album THE END OF THE BEGINNING, Like A Storm stir up a torrent of infectious hard rock. The Vancouver-based quartet's first full-length ...
Gen: alternative rock, hard rock, rock, post-grunge, discoverockult


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Trupa clujeana infiintata in anul 2011, plecand de la intepretarea partiturilor lui Claude Bolling . Ulterior, in repertoriu si-au adaugat o gramada d ...
Gen: jazz

Lucius - Andrew Burri

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Lucius este o trupa formata din 5 oameni din Brooklyn, New York, formata in 2011. Membrii fondatori sunt Jess Wolfe (lead vocals si synth), Holly Lae ...
Gen: indie, folk, pop, singer-songwriter, virally female

k-os Kevin Brereton

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k-os nascut sub numele de Kevin Brereton pe 20 Februarei, 1972 in Toronto, Canada este rapper, cantaret, autor si producator cu origini din Trinidad. ...
Gen: hip-hop, canadian, rap, hip hop, indie

John Newman

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John Newman (born 6th June 1990, in Settle, Yorkshire Dales, Northern England) is a British soul singer and musician from London. He is best known as ...
Gen: soul, pop, british, neo soul, nu soul


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Lucia is a Romanian 18 year old singer. Her first single, “Silence”, was officially released in February 2012 and has at once become one of the most l ...
Gen: pop, soul

James Arthur

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James Andrew Arthur este un cantaret britanic care s-a facut remarcat dupa ce a castigat editia cu numarul 9 The X Factor, din 2012. Si-a facut debutu ...
Gen: british, pop, acoustic, indie, x factor

Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat

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Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat is a band from Gent, Belgium, founded by Stef Heeren. The name comes from a medieval witchcraft ritual.The band initially ...
Gen: neofolk, apocalyptic folk, dark folk, folk


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Ella Yelich-O'Connor (7 noiembrie 1996) vine din Noua Zeelanda iar numele ei de scena este Lorde. Primul sau album a fost lansat in 2013 si se numest ...
Gen: electronic, pop, indie, indie pop, new zealand

Jon Hopkins

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Jon Hopkins este un compozitor londonez de muzica electronica si producator. Creeaza muzica instrumentala puternica, intersectand mai multe genuri muz ...
Gen: ambient, electronic, downtempo, chillout, electronica

Joan Baez

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Joan Baez, born on January 9th, 1941, is an American folk singer and a songwriter who is of mixed Mexican and Scottish descent. Baez rose to prominenc ...
Gen: folk, singer-songwriter, female vocalists, 60s, classic rock

Liset Alea

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Nascuta in Cuba, traita prin America si adoptata de Europa, Liset Alea este o artista care se simte acasa oriunde. A trait in Cuba, Costa Rica, Miami ...
Gen: female vocalists, female singer-songwriters, acoustic, female vocalist, singer-songwriter

Loungerie II

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Loungerie II a aparut in august 2011, fiind infiintiata de Andreea Tincea. Trupa a trecut prin foarte multe schimbari de componenta iar in prezent est ...
Gen: experimental rock, jazz rock, seen live


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Lyriel is a folk metal band formed in Gummersbach in 2003. They describe their style as 'dark romantic Celtic rock' and can be easily compared to Blac ...
Gen: folk metal, gothic metal, metal, medieval

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