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Stahlmann (Steel Man) is a German band formed in 2008 in Göttingen and is a part of the NDH music scene. The band initially consisted Mart and Alex, a ...
Gen: industrial metal, industrial, neue deutsche härte, ebm

Punish Yourself

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Punish Yourself are an ebm / industrial metal band from France, who incorporate: hammering beats, guitar riffs, loops / samples, ambient waves & ...
Gen: industrial, cyberpunk, industrial metal, punk

Malignant Eternal

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Malignant Eternal is a black-/industrial-metal band formed in 1991 in Bergen, Norway.Note: Malignant Eternal is now known as M-Eternal. Members:T. Re ...
Gen: black metal, industrial black metal, industrial metal, metal


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Spineshank is an American Grammy-nominated alternative metal band. Began in February of 1996 in Los Angeles, California, rising from the ashes of a pr ...
Gen: nu metal, industrial metal, metal, industrial, nu-metal


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Gevolt is a metal band formed in Israel in 2001 by Anatholy Bonder (vocals), Yevgeny Kushnir (guitars), Oleg Szumski (drums) and Max Mann (bass guitar ...
Gen: folk metal, industrial metal, yiddish metal, gothic metal, metal


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"HellTrash is a drug-influenced, alcohol-inspired, sex-driven, evil-induced high-energy techno-metal disaster from Atlanta, Ga. A cyber-industrial dis ...
Gen: industrial metal, industrial, cyberpunk, aggrotech, ebm


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GOTHMINISTER was formed by Bjørn Alexander Brem in Oslo, Norway, in 1999. In 2000 joined the keyboarder Halfface, followed by the guitarist Machine an ...
Gen: industrial metal, industrial, gothic metal, gothic, ebm


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Seelenzorn is a German Neue Deutsche Härte band founded in Darmstadt in the early months of 2004. The band is made up of Jens Clemens, Toni Anthogalid ...
Gen: industrial, gothic, industrial metal, ebm


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Celldweller, based in Detroit, Michigan, is the versatile outlet of the artist, performer, producer, songwriter, programmer, and remixer Klayton. It b ...
Gen: industrial, electronic, industrial rock, industrial metal, rock


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Raubtier (German: predator) is a industrial metal band from Haparanda, Sweden. They came up with the name from the movie Predator, which in German is ...
Gen: industrial metal, metal, industrial


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NOCTIFERIA has been a part of pure death metal movement which, over the years, evolved into a very interesting, creative whole that is today present o ...
Gen: death metal, industrial metal, black metal, metal


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Pailhead a fost un proiect secundar al trupei de industrial metal Ministry alcatuit din Ian MacKay si Al Jourgensen. Sunetul trupei era o combinatie i ...
Gen: industrial, punk, industrial rock, wax trax, industrial metal

Powerman 5000

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Powerman 5000 (abreviata cateodata PM5K) este o trupa americana de rock formata in 1991. In cariera de doua decenii, trupa a lansat mai multe albume, ...
Gen: industrial metal, metal, industrial, nu metal, rock

Al Jourgensen

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Al Jourgensen , pe numele sau complet Alain David Jourgensen,este un muzican cubano-american cunoscut ca membru fondator si lider al trupei de indus ...
Gen: metal, electronic, industrial metal, under 2000 listeners, cunt

Society 1

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Society 1 este o formatie americana de industrial metal formata in 1999 in Los Angeles California. Trupa, condusa de solistul vocal Matt Zane, a lansa ...
Gen: industrial metal, industrial, metal, industrial rock, death metal

Revolting Cocks

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Revolting Cocks , cunoscuta si ca RevCo, este o trupa americana de rock industrial. Trupa a inceput ca proiect secundar al muzicienilor belgieni Richa ...
Gen: industrial, industrial rock, industrial metal, ebm, rock


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Lard este o trupa de hardcore punk / insdustrial fondata in 1988 de Jello Biafra (vocal), Al Jourgensen (chitara), Paul Barker (bas) si Jeff Ward (tob ...
Gen: industrial, punk, industrial rock, industrial metal, alternative


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Pitchshifter este o trupa britanica de electronic-metal originara din Nottingham. Trupa a fost intemeiata in 1989 de basistul si vocalistul Mark Clayd ...
Gen: industrial, industrial metal, industrial rock, metal, electronic

Trent Reznor

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Michael Trent Reznor este un muzician american, producator si actor. Este cunoscut ca lider al trupei de rock industrial Nine Inch Nails si membru al ...
Gen: industrial, industrial rock, ambient, industrial metal, rock


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Prong este o formatie de heavy metal americana, fondata in 1986. Prong a avut doua materiale independente lansate, “Primitive Origins” si “Force Fed”. ...
Gen: thrash metal, metal, industrial metal, alternative metal, crossover

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