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Influentele muzicale care se regasesc in melodiei trupei RKS vin din rock`n`roll, blues, rock, grunge si psychedelic. Baietii aduc pe scena spiritul ...
Gen: stoner, alternative, hardcore, trash, romanian

Cancer Bats

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Cancer Bats are a hardcore punk band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada that formed in 2004. They have released four studio albums and six extended plays. ...
Gen: hardcore, hardcore punk, southern rock, canadian, metal

The Devil Wears Prada

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The Devil Wears Prada is an American metalcore band from Dayton, Ohio. Formed in 2005, they are currently signed to Warner Music Group . The Devil Wea ...
Gen: metalcore, hardcore, screamo, christian metalcore, christian

Ryan Neff

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Miss May I is a metalcore band hailing from Troy, Ohio. The band has been around since 2006, playing local shows and steadily gathering a loyal fan ba ...
Gen: metalcore, deathcore, post-hardcore, hardcore, metal

Asking Alexandria

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Asking Alexandria are a British metalcore band from York, North Yorkshire. Founded in 2008 when Ben Bruce (lead guitar) contacted his old companions u ...
Gen: post-hardcore, metalcore, screamo, electronic, hardcore

Straight Line Stitch

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Armed with an unstoppable work ethic and a musical vocabulary that stretches from face-ripping metal to soulful, stratospheric rock, Knoxville, TN, qu ...
Gen: metalcore, hardcore, metal

Heaven Shall Burn

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Heaven Shall Burn este o trupa germana formata in 1996, sub numele initial de 'Consense'. In 1997 si-au schimbat numele in 'Heaven Shall Burn', dupa ...
Gen: metalcore, melodic death metal, deathcore, hardcore, death metal, metal

Last Hope

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Originara din Bulgaria, Last Hope este una dintre trupele de hardcore cu renume la nivelul Europei Centrale si de Est. Inca din 1995, anul in care mem ...
Gen: hardcore


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H8, trupa hardcore-metal-crossover infiintata in 1995 in Ploiesti, a sustinut pana in prezent numeroase concerte in tara si in strainatate, avand cola ...
Gen: hardcore, hatecore, speedcore

Bring Me The Horizon

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Bring Me the Horizon are a British metalcore band from Sheffield, Yorkshire, who formed in 2004. Bring Me the Horizon consists of lead vocalist Oliver ...
Gen: deathcore, metalcore, hardcore, screamo, metal

Sick Of It All

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Sick Of It All is a nyhc band formed by brothers Lou Koller (vocals) and Pete Koller (guitar) in 1986.Formed during 1986 in Queens, the band released ...
Gen: hardcore, nyhc, hardcore punk, punk, punk rock

Fucked Up

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Fucked Up is a hardcore punk band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Gen: hardcore, hardcore punk, punk, punk rock

I Am a Curse

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We are a four-piece emotional hardcore band. We come from this city of half-hearted men and restless ghosts called Le Mans, France
Gen: screamo, crust, hardcore, le mans, french


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Formed in 1991 by vocalist/bassist Gary Meskil (ex-Crumbsuckers), New York, NY based PRO-PAIN have over the years benefitted from substantial support ...
Gen: hardcore, thrash metal, metal, metalcore, groove metal


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Sarabante este o trupa de hardcore punk din Atena (Grecia) fondata in anul 2006
Gen: neocrust, dark hardcore, kanoune soufres sourothri, punk, hardcore


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Mediocracy este o trupa de crust / sludge / hardcore / metal din Bucuresti. Componenta: Viez-voce, Radu-chitara, Costin-chitara, Dop-bass, Para-tobe ...
Gen: crust, hardcore, sludge, metal

Oppressed Logic

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Oppressed Logic este o trupa de punk americana, originara din Oakland, California. Trupa, fondata in 1994, a lansat primul album sub titlul “Pigs Suck ...
Gen: punk, hardcore punk, hardcore, real punk, punk rock

Angry Samoans

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Angry Samoans este o trupa americana de punk rock / hardcore apartinand primului val de punk american. A forst formata in august 1978 in Los Angeles, ...
Gen: punk, punk rock, hardcore punk, hardcore, post-punk


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Starkweather este o trupa americana de metal originara din Philadelphia formata in 1989. Trupa a ajutat la punerea bazelor stilului care avea sa se nu ...
Gen: hardcore, metalcore, metal, sludge metal, chaotic hardcore

Discordance Axis

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Discordance Axis a fost o trupa americana de grindocre originara din East Brunswick, New Jersey. Trupa, fondata in 1992, a fost alcatuita din Jon Chan ...
Gen: grindcore, grind, mathcore, metal, hardcore

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