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Trupa Gothic s-a infiintat in 1992 in orasul Lupeni de Alin Petrut. Trupa a reusit sa se faca cunoscuta rapid atat in tara cat si peste hotare, acesti ...
Gen: death metal, doom metal, brutal death metal, metal, gothic metal

After Forever

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After Forever is the title of a number of bands and projects. #1 After Forever (Netherlands)Dutch metal band that was previously named Apocalypse when ...
Gen: gothic metal, symphonic metal, metal, gothic


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Lyriel is a folk metal band formed in Gummersbach in 2003. They describe their style as 'dark romantic Celtic rock' and can be easily compared to Blac ...
Gen: folk metal, gothic metal, metal, medieval


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Gevolt is a metal band formed in Israel in 2001 by Anatholy Bonder (vocals), Yevgeny Kushnir (guitars), Oleg Szumski (drums) and Max Mann (bass guitar ...
Gen: folk metal, industrial metal, yiddish metal, gothic metal, metal


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GOTHMINISTER was formed by Bjørn Alexander Brem in Oslo, Norway, in 1999. In 2000 joined the keyboarder Halfface, followed by the guitarist Machine an ...
Gen: industrial metal, industrial, gothic metal, gothic, ebm

Regardless of Me

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Fiind originara din Italia, Regardless of Me a fost formata in anul 2007 la initiativa chitaristului si compozitorului Emiliano Sicilia. Stilul muzica ...
Gen: progressive metal, gothic metal, female fronted metal, trip-hop, italian

Letzte Instanz

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Letzte Instanz, founded in Dresden, Germany in 1996, is a German rock band particularly noted for their use of the violin and cello. The founding mem ...
Gen: folk metal, gothic, gothic metal, folk


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Mantus is a German doom Metal band and was dissolved in 2005 but reunited in 2008. Is a project by Martin Schindler founded on or about 1997 which unf ...
Gen: gothic, darkwave, gothic rock, gothic metal

Dark the Suns

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Dark the Suns este o trupa de melodic dark metal/gothic din Jyväskylä, Finlanda. Albumul de debut, In Darkness Comes Beauty, a fost lansat in toamna l ...
Gen: melodic death metal, gothic metal, dark metal, melodic metal


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Lucyfire is “ Edlund ' s Alter Ego ” .Johan Edlund is the frontman of the Swedish goth metal band Tiamat .The big difference between T ...
Gen: gothic rock, gothic, gothic metal, darkwave


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Darkwave/Gothic Rock band formed in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1993 by Johannes Berthold.Scarcely another band among the German-speaking Alternative /(Dark ...
Gen: darkwave, gothic, gothic rock, gothic metal

Aesma Daeva

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Aesma Daeva was founded in 1998 in Minnesota, USA, and is still active today. They are performing operatic , symphonic metal with female vocals .The b ...
Gen: symphonic metal, gothic metal, darkwave, gothic, metal


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KATRA is a Finnish metal band. Their album was released 2007, later the band was signed by Napalm Records who released the international version of th ...
Gen: symphonic metal, gothic metal, metal


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Silentium could refer to:1. Silentium, a dark gothic metal band from Finland2. SiLENTiUM, a folk ballad band from Indonesia3. Silentium, Dark Ambient ...
Gen: gothic metal, doom metal, female fronted metal, finnish, metal


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There are at least two bands, who share the name " Crematory " .1) A German Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal band formed in Mannheim, Baden-Württembe ...
Gen: gothic metal, death metal, doom metal, melodic death metal, metal

To Die For

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To/Die/For----------------------Lead vocals: Jape PerätaloGuitar: Antza TalalaDrums: Santtu LonkaBass: Josey StrandmanGuitar: Jope Koto--------------- ...
Gen: gothic metal, gothic, power metal, love metal, rock


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Gen: gothic metal

For My Pain

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The first idea of For My Pain... was born during the autumn 1999, when Altti Veteläinen (EToS) and Petri Sankala (EToS) were planning on forming a new ...
Gen: gothic metal, symphonic metal, finnish, love metal, gothic


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Reflexion it\'s a Dark-Alternative metal band from Finland.The band was created in 1996, but for a long time they played without a vocalist. In 1997 J ...
Gen: gothic metal, finnish, gothic rock, love metal, finnish metal


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Diabolique are a Swedish gothic metal band, formed in 1995 after the dissolution of Liers in Wait. The group is heavily influenced by The Sisters of M ...
Gen: gothic metal, doom metal, gothic rock, swedish, swedish metal

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