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Thomas Azier

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Thomas Azier is a Dutch singer who currently lives in Berlin. He describes his music as "pop music that explodes in your face." His music is made up o ...
Gen: electropop, funk, nu-jazz, electronic, jazz


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Nascut in Londra dar stabilit in Viena, muzicianul SOHN combina stilul muzical modern cu cel vechi pentru un rezultatul impresionant. Acesta s-a facut ...
Gen: ambient, electropop, electronic, electronica, british

George Lewis Jr.

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Twin Shadow is the stage name of American musician George Lewis Jr. was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Florida, before eventually reloca ...
Gen: electronic, dream pop, new wave, lo-fi, electropop

Niels Bagge Hansen

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Niels Bagge Hansen (nascut pe 1 noiembrie 1987), cunoscut si sub numele de Vinnie Who este un cantaret disco-pop din Copenhaga. A lansat doua albume ...
Gen: electropop, disco, electro, electronic, sexy

Icona Pop

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Icona Pop is a duo all the way from Stockholm, Sweden. Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo deliver pop music that seems second nature to most Scandinavians. ...
Gen: electronic, swedish, electropop, synthpop, electro

Julie Budet

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Yelle (a feminised acronym of YEL, " You enjoy life " ) is Julie Budet, a French singer from the town of Saint-Brieuc, France, who started performing ...
Gen: french, electronic, electropop, female vocalists, electro


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Chvrches este o trupa de muzica electronica din Glasgow, ce s-a infiintat in 2011. Trupa este compusa din Lauren Mayberry (voce, synths), Iain Cook (s ...
Gen: synthpop, indie, electronic, electropop, female vocalists


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Aluna Francis si George Reid s-au cunoscut prin internet, pe MySpace. De aici pana la a forma AlunaGeorge nu a mai fost decat un pas.
Gen: alternative rnb, trip-hop, indie, electronic, electropop

Sunday Girl

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Sunday Girl (born Jade Williams on May 21, 1988 in Broxbourne, London, United Kingdom) is an electropop artist signed to Geffen . The name comes from ...
Gen: electronic, electropop, female vocalists, indie, pop


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Digits is Alt Altman, an electronic pop artist from London, originally from Toronto. Digits began in March 2009, and spent the summer recording his fi ...
Gen: indie, electropop, electronic, synthpop

Neon Hitch

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Neon Hitch este o artista din Marea Britanie, ce locuieste in Londra. Hitch a crescut intr-o familie de tigani ce erau toti performeri la circ. Inaint ...
Gen: pop, electronic, electropop, dance, electronica

When Saints Go Machine

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When Saints Go Machine is a Danish electro-pop group from Copenhagen. The group consists of four men: Silas Moldenhawer (drums), Jonas Kenton (synth, ...
Gen: electronic, danish, electropop, indie, roskilde 08


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Trio de electronic pop format in 2008 in Polonia. Sound-ul lor este descris ca melodic synthpop influentat de new wave-ul anilor '80, krautrock-ul ani ...
Gen: electronic, polish, electropop, indie, electro

The Amplifetes

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Fiecare dintre cei patru membri ai formatiei The Amplifetes (Suedia) sunt muzicieni profesionisti si au lucrat cu artisti precum Kelis, Madonna, Grand ...
Gen: electro pop, alternative, hipster, electropop, indie


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Un duo synthpop originar din Grecia, format din Marianthi Melitsi (vocal, synth) si Sophie Sarigiannidou (vocal, synth). Formatia exista din 2003 si e ...
Gen: synthpop, electropop, electronic, greek, electro


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Monarchy is a duo from London that produces dreamy pop-music. Their first single Gold In The Fire / Black The Colour Of My Heart was released on Neon ...
Gen: electronic, electropop, synthpop, synth, british

Zoot Woman

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Zoot Woman are a British electronic music band consisting of Adam Blake, Johnny Blake and Stuart Price.Known for their live shows, the group has gaine ...
Gen: electronic, electropop, indie, electronica, electro


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Glasser este numele de scena al cantaretei si compozitoarei Cameron Mesirow. Numele i-a fost inspirat de "o viziune la miezul noptii a unei siluete si ...
Gen: experimental, electropop, indie, electronic

Slave Republic

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German duo consisting of Alec Fu (Vocals & Guitar) and Alex Alice (Bass & Drum Computer), signed to the Accession Records label. They\'ve supp ...
Gen: synthpop, rock, electropop, electronic

Chew Lips

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Chew Lips este o trupa de electropop formata din trei pusti din Londra - Tigs (voce), James Watkins (bass, synths) si Will Sanderson (chitara, synths) ...
Gen: electronic, indie, electropop, female vocalists, electroclash

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