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Deru’s music bridges different worlds. Hip-Hop, Electronic, Avant Garde. Back in High School in Chicago, Deru (Benjamin Wynn) had his friends wearing ...
Gen: idm, ambient, electronic, glitch, electronica


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BodyRockers are an electronic music act, consisting of British/Australian duo Dylan Burns and Kaz James (from Melbourne). The pair came together in ea ...
Gen: electronic, dance, house, rock, electronica

Bran Van 3000

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Bran Van 3000 (cunoscuti si ca Bran Van sau BV3) e o trupa canadiana din Montreal cu influente techno pop. A fost fondata de DJ James Di Salvio si a a ...
Gen: electronic, canadian, alternative, electronica, rock


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RAC (Remix Artist Collective) este pseudonimul artistic sub care André Allen Anjos a reinventat arta remixului, indepartandu-se de tiparul clasic de “ ...
Gen: electronic, electro, electronica, chillout, thesixtyone


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Nascut in Londra dar stabilit in Viena, muzicianul SOHN combina stilul muzical modern cu cel vechi pentru un rezultatul impresionant. Acesta s-a facut ...
Gen: ambient, electropop, electronic, electronica, british


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Efterklang is a Danish band, based in Berlin, Germany. The band consists of the 3 childhood friends Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen & Rasmus Stolberg. ...
Gen: post-rock, electronic, ambient, danish, electronica

Jon Hopkins

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Jon Hopkins este un compozitor londonez de muzica electronica si producator. Creeaza muzica instrumentala puternica, intersectand mai multe genuri muz ...
Gen: ambient, electronic, downtempo, chillout, electronica

Ellen Allien

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Ellen Alien are ca elemente definitorii: chillout, ambientalul, muzica electronica - de stare.
Gen: electronic, minimal, techno, electro, electronica

Carl Cox

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Carl Cox este recunoscut ca unul dintre cei mai buni DJ din lume, dupa spusele fanilor, precum si dupa criticii din muzica. A facut parte dintr-o trup ...
Gen: techno, house, electronic, dance, electronica


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Iyeoka Okoawo este o poeta si artista cu dubla cetatenie, Nigeria si SUA, si s-a afirmat avand o contributie foarte mare la conferintele TED. Canta s ...
Gen: soul, pop, electronica


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Fluke are an electronic band formed in 1988 at Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK, by Mike Bryant, Jon Fugler and Mike Tournier. The group are noted fo ...
Gen: electronic, techno, big beat, electronica, dance

Dan Deacon

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Dan Deacon (born 1981) is a Baltimore, Maryland-based electronic music composer/performer. He attended the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College i ...
Gen: electronic, experimental, avant-garde, indie, electronica

Gus Gus

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Gus Gus, Iceland's leading techno-/soul band saw the light of day for the first time in 1995, during a break in the making of the shortcut " Pleasure ...
Gen: electronic, trip-hop, icelandic, downtempo, electronica

Wesley Pentz

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Diplo, Diplodocus, Wes Gully, and Wes Diplo are all pseudonyms of Wesley Pentz, a Philadelphia-based producer and DJ since 2003. Together with DJ Low ...
Gen: electronic, hip-hop, trip-hop, ninja tune, electronica


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Subscape is a dubstep producer from southern England, who has had tracks released on notable labels such as Dub Police and Subway. Subscape on ...
Gen: dubstep, electronic, dub, bass, electronica

Engine-EarZ Experiment

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Engine-EarZ Experiment are a musical collective born out of the Dubstep scene in early 2009 centering around acclaimed multi-instrumentalist/scorer/dj ...
Gen: dubstep, electronic, experimental, electronica, all

Amor Electro

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Making pop music without losing sight of your own cultural background. That is what Portuguese band Amor Electro achieved on their successful album Ca ...
Gen: electronica, pop, electronic

Blue Stahli

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Blue Stahli is the stage name now used by Bret Autrey. In the fall of 2007 Bret packed up his car with nothing but a few items of clothing, musical ge ...
Gen: industrial, electronic, alternative, electronica


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Shantel (Stefan Hantel pe numele sau real) este un DJ si producator din Germania, ai carui bunici din partea mamei se trageau insa din Romania. Datori ...
Gen: balkan, gypsy, electronic, lounge, electronica

Fukkk Offf

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Fukkk Offf aka Bastian Heerhorst has been renowned for some time in his hometown for storming live sets in the clubs scattered around Hamburg's red li ...
Gen: electro, electronic, dance, electronica, house

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