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France-based Asura (ambient trance, signed to Ultimae Records):Since 1996, and its creation by Charles Farewell and Vincent VIlluis, the project Asura ...
Gen: ambient, psychill, chillout, electronic, psytrance


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Flume, is an electronic music project, created by Harley Streten from Sydney, Australia. Harley Streten began producing music at the age of thirteen, ...
Gen: electronic, chillout, instrumental hip-hop, australian, seen live


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Deru’s music bridges different worlds. Hip-Hop, Electronic, Avant Garde. Back in High School in Chicago, Deru (Benjamin Wynn) had his friends wearing ...
Gen: idm, ambient, electronic, glitch, electronica


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Golan este un trio din Bucuresti, Romania. Alex, Mihai si Ernesto provin din medii diferite, iar acest lucru face ca muzica pe care o produc sa fie o ...
Gen: electronic, deep house, heard live


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Collaboration between Alexandre Scheffer aka Cell and Hidetoshi Koizumi aka Hybrid Leisureland.
Gen: ambient, psychill, downtempo, electronic, chillout


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Koan is an ethnic ambient duo from Russia. Koan are Daniel Roeth & Vladimir Sedov. Koan are Daniel Roeth & Vladimir Sedov. Location: Moscow, ...
Gen: ambient, chillout, psychill, electronic, downtempo


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Hammock is an American musical project of composers Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson from Nashville, Tennessee, USA; formed in 2004.
Gen: post-rock, ambient, shoegaze, instrumental, electronic


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FFS ( Franz Ferdinand si Sparks ) este un super grup format din scotienii de la Franz Ferdinand si americanii de la Sparks. S-au reunit oficial pe 9 m ...
Gen: rock, indie rock, electronic, pop, indie

Northern Lite

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Northern Lite este o trupa germana de electro/pop/rock din Erfurt, cunoscuta mai ales pentru showuri live din cluburi mici din Germania, Spania, Angli ...
Gen: electronic, synthpop, electroclash, electro, german


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Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll, nascut in 1991, cunoscut sub numele de Kygo, este un muzician si dj norvegian. A devenit cunoscut pentru remixul la I See Fire , ...
Gen: chillout, electronic, house, downtempo, chillwave


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Manes started around the end of 1992/early 93. It started as a project with Sargatanas on vocals and Cern on guitars, synths, programming etc. – basic ...
Gen: black metal, avant-garde, experimental, avant-garde metal, electronic

Soap Kills

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Soapkills (aka Soapkills ), composes original sensual and melancholy electronic arrangements with strong inspiration from the classical arabic reperto ...
Gen: trip-hop, electronic, downtempo

Ice Ages

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Ice Ages is an electro-industrial project from Vienna, Austria, founded in 1994 by Richard Lederer, known for darkwave band Die Verbannten Kinder Evas ...
Gen: darkwave, industrial, dark ambient, dark electro, electronic

Black Atlass

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Whilst most of us celebrated the passing of Old Year's by sharing kisses, and the clinking of champagne glasses, Black Atlass, stage name of 18 year o ...
Gen: electronic, chillout, indie experimental, ish, indie


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BodyRockers are an electronic music act, consisting of British/Australian duo Dylan Burns and Kaz James (from Melbourne). The pair came together in ea ...
Gen: electronic, dance, house, rock, electronica

Tove Lo

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Tove Nilsson aka Tove Lo (born 29 October 1987), is a female singer and songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden whose style can be defined by her indie-pop ...
Gen: pop, swedish, electronic, female vocalists, indie

Radio Citizen

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Radio Citizen inseamna Niko Schabel din Berlin. Muzica lui e o combinatie de slack dub, moody folksy-soul sau spiritual cinematic jazz
Gen: jazz, downtempo, nu-jazz, electronic, nu jazz

Future Islands

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Future Islands este o trupa de new wave synthpop din Baltimore, Statele Unite. Are in componenta pe Gerrit Welmers (keyboards, programming), William ...
Gen: electronic, new wave, experimental, electro pop, neo soul

Sam Smith

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Sam Smith is a British singer/songwriter. In October 2012 Sam Smith featured on Disclosure ’s single “Latch”, the single was released on October 8, 20 ...
Gen: soul, pop, electronic, british, dance

Tape Five

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TAPE FIVEis a multinational formation based in Essen/Germany.The musical style contains: Jazz, Bossa, Swing, Latin and Retro elements, as far as Chill ...
Gen: lounge, jazz, chillout, easy listening, electronic

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