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Vàli is a dark folk musician from Norway. Vàli began his solo work in 2003. His music involves acoustic guitar pieces, occasionally accompanied by ins ...
Gen: neofolk, folk, dark folk, acoustic


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Nebelung is a dark folk group from Bonn, Germany, founded in 2004 by Stefan Otto (vocals, guitars) and Thomas List (guitars). The duo was later joined ...
Gen: neofolk, dark folk, folk, acoustic

Ane Brunvoll

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Ane Brun (IPA ænə brun), real name Ane Brunvoll (born 10 March 1976), is a Norwegian singer/songwriter, born and raised in Molde, Norway. She lives in ...
Gen: singer-songwriter, female vocalists, norwegian, acoustic, indie

Milo Greene

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A folk-pop ensemble from Los Angeles, California, the five-member Milo Greene are largely centered around vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Marlana Sheet ...
Gen: indie, folk, indie folk, acoustic, sunshine

James Arthur

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James Andrew Arthur este un cantaret britanic care s-a facut remarcat dupa ce a castigat editia cu numarul 9 The X Factor, din 2012. Si-a facut debutu ...
Gen: british, pop, acoustic, indie, x factor


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In January 2011, Luka Šulić , along with friend and fellow cellist Stjepan Hauser , performed a cover of Michael Jackson 's Smooth Criminal which was ...
Gen: instrumental, symphonic rock, acoustic

Colbie Caillat

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Colbie Marie Caillat (born in Newbury Park, California, on May 28, 1985) is an American pop singer-songwriter and guitarist. She debuted in 2007 with ...
Gen: female vocalists, pop, acoustic, singer-songwriter, indie

Ben Howard

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Ben Howard (born 24 April 1987) is an English singer-songwriter, born in London. He moved to Totnes, Devon, in his teens. Howard's musically-inclined ...
Gen: folk, acoustic, singer-songwriter, british, indie

Liset Alea

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Nascuta in Cuba, traita prin America si adoptata de Europa, Liset Alea este o artista care se simte acasa oriunde. A trait in Cuba, Costa Rica, Miami ...
Gen: female vocalists, female singer-songwriters, acoustic, female vocalist, singer-songwriter


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Jamie Seerman este o cantareata si compozitoare de muzica folk din New York. Numele sau de scena este Jaymay. A crescut in Long Island si in 2003, neg ...
Gen: folk, indie, acoustic

Ed Sheeran

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Ed Sheeran (born 17 February 1991) is a singer songwriter currently signed under Atlantic Records . Sheeran was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire before ...
Gen: acoustic, british, singer-songwriter, easy-listening, grime

Sophie Zelmani

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Sophie Zelmani (born 12 February 1972 as Sophie Edkvist) is a female singer-songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden who debuted in 1995 with the single Alwa ...
Gen: singer-songwriter, female vocalists, swedish, acoustic, pop

Grant Emerson

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Delta Rae is an American band formed in Durham, North Carolina in 2009. Their debut album, Carry the Fire, was released on June 19, 2012. The band con ...
Gen: soul, folk, blues, folk rock, acoustic

Kyla La Grange

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Kyla La Grange, part South-African and part Zimbabwean, was born in Watford,London. Kyla won a place at Cambridge University, where she studied Philos ...
Gen: female vocalists, indie, folk, singer-songwriter, acoustic

Glen Hansard

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Vocalist and guitarist for Irish rock group The Frames . Hansard quit school at age 13 to begin busking on local Dublin streets. He first came to publ ...
Gen: singer-songwriter, irish, acoustic, folk, indie


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Pascal Pinon are the twins Jófríður and Ásthildur, two girls from Reykjavík, Iceland. When they were only fourteen they got together with two of their ...
Gen: icelandic, acoustic, lo-fi, folk, folktronica

The Tallest Man on Earth

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Behind the name The Tallest Man On Earth is Kristian Matsson (born April 30th, 1983 in Dalarna, Sweden). He plays guitar, banjo and piano and has rele ...
Gen: folk, singer-songwriter, acoustic, swedish, blues

Paula Fernandes

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Paula Fernandes este o cantareata braziliana de sertanejo si country. Nascuta in Sete Lagoas, Minas Gerais, Paula Fernandes a inceput sa cante de la ...
Gen: sertanejo, country, brazilian, acoustic, mpb

Anneke van Giersbergen

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Anneke van Giersbergen a inceput sa cante la varsta de 7 ani, iar la 12 ani debuta in corul scolii pentru ca dupa cativa ani sa formeze prima ei trupa ...
Gen: acoustic, atmospheric, alternative, rock

Monsters Of Folk

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Monsters of Folk is an indie/folk supergroup consisting of Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes and several other groups), Mike Mogis (of Bright Eyes and Lull ...
Gen: folk, indie folk, indie rock, alt-country, acoustic

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