TOP 10 melodii de la Madrugada

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Vrem sa descoperim zilnic muzica buna alaturi de voi. Incepem o serie de TOP 10 Metropotam recomanda cu melodii mai mult sau mai putin cunoscute (dar tari) de la trupele noastre si ale voastre preferate.

Madrugada a luat viata prin anul 1993 in Stokmarknes cu ajutorul lui Sivert Høyem (vocal), Robert Buras (chitara) si Frode Jacobsen (bas). Dupa moartea lui Buras in 2007, Høyem si Jacobsen au inregistrat ultimul album impreuna intitulat Madrugada. Acestia s-au despartit in 2008 si au avut ultimul concert pe 15 noiembrie 2008.

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Noi ne-am amintit astazi de ei si vrem sa va lasam in compania a 10 dintre cele mai bune melodii semnate de acestia.

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Madrugada - You Better Leave

She is a shadow
Of something you wanted
How badly you wanted it
It still drives you insane

Madrugada - Step Into This Room And Dance For Me

Closer, move in closer
Closer now than
Than ever before
I doubt it that you can survive
So far from your trenches and your friends
This is where competition starts and
And all that ends

Madrugada - What's on your mind?

You were at my door
I heard you knocking but I didn't care at all
I had been in all night just staring at the wall
I didn't really want to see you anymore

Madrugada - Strange color blue

Oh everybody's sleeping now
An industrial silence singing
And the rain will keep hammering down from over head
Now there's a blue, blue strange colour blue
Let me dream of me and you
Oh how the rain keeps hammering down

Madrugada - The Kids Are On High Street

It'll wake up some change
Stones in the pipeline
Like some new mountain range
Leave the lowlands behind
They take your photograph
You come into existence
You realize it's your path
In this very instant

Madrugada - Look away Lucifer

You don't know where you going
and you don't know where you've been
There's a billion lights shining
and you're somewhere in between
look away look away
look away Lucifer
look away look away
ooh look away Lucifer now

Madrugada - Blood Shot Adult Commitment

We could steal away
But it's not
Like we're really going somewhere

Yeah, we could steal away
But it's not going to happen

Madrugada - Whatever Happened to you?

Stay lover, stay
Don't just leave me this way,
With nothing left to go on with.
Is there nothing you could say, before you turn and walk away,
I can't believe your heart, there's something wrong with it
Whatever happened to you?

Madrugada- Majesty

So am I
Good or bad
The way that things did turn out
I did only make you sad

And we cried and we cried
On the phone
Oh, but in my mind
You were never that all alone

Madrugada - Higher

Higher, there's no need to come down
Arising through the other ground
These people, these people don't mean a thing
But don't you think it's funny
That now they get to hear me sing
All right

Madrugada - Hands Up - I Love You

And nothing stays the same
And nothing ever happens to you that will happen to you again
Or is this the way it was?
Was it this same room, this same fight, this same scene?
With us dancing on the kitchen floor
And the wind climbing in through the open window

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