Concert Tom Odell la Arenele Romane pe 16 februarie

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Tom Odell canta la Bucuresti pe 16 februarie la Arenele Romane din Bucuresti (cort incalzit).

Biletele se gasesc pe

Britanicul a fost descoperit de Lily Allen, care spunea in 2012 ca acesta are o energie care ii aminteste de David Bowie. EP-ul "Songs from Another Love", a fost lansat in acelasi an iar piesa "Another Love" a ajuns rapid in fruntea topurilor muzicale. 

I find that I write much better songs when I'm being honest, and writing about things that happen to me. It can get a little weird though, when friends or girlfriends work out that a song is about them. But it's amazing what you can get away with it. Artistic licence, I think they call it."



"Long Way Down" - 23 iunie 2013
"Wrong Crowd" - 10 iunie 2016

Biletele se gasesc in format electronic pe si in reteaua fizica : Magazinele Flanco, Metrou Unirii 1 langa casa de bilete Metrorex, Magazinul Muzica, Magazinele IQ BOX - Telekom, Cafe Deko, Club Vintage, Club Quantic, Expirat Halele Carol (in intervalul orar: 18:00-22:00), Hard Rock Cafe, Beraria H, Libmag (Bd IC Bratianu 6), Agentiile Perfect Tour, Magazinele Uman si in Statiile de Plata SelfPay din toata tara.

Biletele au urmatoarele preturi:

- presale: 119 lei Acces General si 189 lei Golden Circle (in fata scenei)
- in ziua concertului: 130 lei Acces General si 200 lei Golden Circle (in fata scenei)

Se pun in vanzare doar 400 de bilete Golden Circle (in fata scenei)!

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Concert Tom Odell la Arenele Romane pe 16 februarie
temple run
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Concert Tom Odell la Arenele Romane pe 16 februarie
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Concert Tom Odell la Arenele Romane pe 16 februarie
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me and my friend avani gaines watch this video both of use love it is just awesome.

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