De vorba cu baietii de la The Bridge Committee - "Planul nostru de viitor este sa supravietuim. Cu eleganta daca se poate."

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The Bridge Committee este un grup de rap care-si propune sa consolideze legatura din Romania si State.

Cei doi MC sunt JAZZ 8 (artist roman, compozitor, actor si campion la slam poetry, din Galati) si Kent Archie, artist american si compozitor din Cleveland, Ohio.

Ei au scos albumul Romanglish si puteti asculta o parte din el aici.

Ne-au cucerit cu videoclipul piesei PCiP (Pizde cu Iphone), asa ca i-am luat la intrebari sa aflam mai multe despre ei si ce-si propun sa faca mai departe.

Ce a iesit vedeti mai jos:


Povestiti-mi putin despre fiecare in parte - de unde sunteti, cati ani aveti, cum a inceput nebunia cu muzica:

Cosmin Dominte a.k.a. JAZZ 8: Sunt din Galati, am 30 de ani. Fost hamal, zugrav, barman, lucrator in productie publicitara si trezorier responsabil de tezaurul a 4 judete, actualmente actor, muzician, campion national Slam Poetry (2013) si in primii 10 din lume dupa mondialele din Paris (2013).

Nebunia asta cu muzica a inceput acum 10 ani pentru mine ca si practicant, iar ca ascultator... de cand ma stiu. De cand avea mama magnetofon si apoi mai tarziu casetofon si ascultam tot ce puteam, de la AC/DC si Dire Straits la MC Hammer si The Prodigy.

Kent Archie: I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. I'm 30 years old. Since I was a little kid I always enjoyed music and rhyming words together. When I was 8 years old, I had a friend who was 4 years older than me.  He taught me how to freestyle and gave me confidence I could do it if I kept at it.

Since then I've been writing poems and lyrics to songs, so it only felt natural to jump into the music scene.


Cum v-ati cunoscut si cum a inceput colaborarea dintre voi? De cat timp faceti muzica impreuna?

JAZZ 8: Ne-am cunoscut in niste circumstante destul de amuzante.

Pe scurt, un producator din Canada facea un scurtmetraj, eu jucam in el, Kent lucra la bucataria hotelului unde producatorul asta era cazat in peroada aia si intr-o zi s-au cunoscut din greseala in hotel, au vazut ca sunt amandoi straini si au zis sa iasa la o bere.

Canadianul m-a chemat si pe mine, si cand ne-am intalnit toti acolo a aparut situatia asta ciudata si amuzanta despre care spuneam un pic mai sus in care m-am nimerit eu cu Kent si a fost o chimie de asta devenit prieteni.

Kent Archie: We met through a mutual friend who invited us both for a beer in the park. That night we hit it off and talked about many things. I told Jazz I did music and he said he did as well, so we exchanged numbers and said we'd meet up and just mess around with some beats and write some lyrics.

I think that was like 5 years ago. He'd say 6 years ago but who's counting.

Cum arata o zi obisnuita din viata voastra si pe unde va place sa iesiti in oras?

JAZZ 8: Nu stiu. Pentru mine zilele astea cumva nu sunt la fel, dar sunt. Stii? Adica ma trezesc si fac.

Asta e structura de baza a zilelor mele obisnuite. Dar ce fac, difera. Ca filmez un videoclip, ca repet pe la vreun teatru o piesa, ca am de filmat la un film, ca scriu, ca inregistrez etc. Depinde de ce teluri pe termen scurt am in perioada respectiva.

Cand am timp liber ies daca am oamenii potriviti cu care sa ma simt bine. Locul conteaza mai putin. Compania e importanta pentru mine. Daca nu sunt oamenii potriviti nu prea ies la distractie in oras. Prefer mai degraba sa stau si sa citesc, sau ma uit la un film, sa ascult muzica, sau sa scriu.

Daca ies, ies in natura sau ies in oras prin parcuri si pur si simplu stau, ma bucur de cer, de soare, de plante si de observat lumea din jur ca sa ma incarc cu chestii.

Sunt un student al umanului daca vrei sa-i spui asa. Dar ca si ritual, cum ziceam mai sus, in general, ma trezesc si fac!

Kent Archie: A typical day is just a lot of running around the city, meeting up with different people for different things. Maybe a photo shoot or recording a track, or shooting a promo for an event.

Really it just depends on the day. If it just so happens that I don't need to leave the house, I'm either writing or planning my next move.

The main goal is to be productive. I like to chill and be low key. If I'm out later in the day I'm usually meeting close friends for a drink or mcing at a party.


Pe unde aveti concerte si unde va pot gasi fanii?

JAZZ 8: Concerte avem prin Bucuresti si prin tara. De trecut granita am facut-o o singura data. Am fost la fratii nostri de peste Prut, mai exact in Chisinau si am sustinut un concert impreuna cu prietenii nostri de la CTC.

A fost extraordinar ce s-a intamplat acolo. Cat despre fani, ne gasesc pe canalul nostru oficial de Youtube unde urcam toata munca noastra, pe pagina noastra oficiala de Facebook dand un search pentru THE BRIDGE COMMITTEE, ne pot gasi si pe paginile noastre individuale de Facebook JAZZ 8 si KENT ARCHIE, ne mai pot gasi pe Twitter, al meu e @JaZZusChrist, Kent nici nu stiu daca are, pe Instagram la fel - eu sunt Jazz.Opt, iar Kent e Kent Archie.

In concluzie, ne pot gasi foarte usor daca sunt interesati sa caute. Pana si cu un simplu search pe Google pentru The Bridge Committee, pentru Cosmin Dominte sau pentru Kent Archie pot gasi imediat ceea ce ii intereseaza.

Kent Archie: We've performed in a couple of venues in Bucharest. Colectiv, Kulturhaus, Fabrica, Control, there are probably a few more I'm missing, but people can always find us and keep up with new things we have going on through our Facebook page.

Ce va enerveaza la societatea in care traim si ce credeti ca ar trebui sa invete oamenii pentru a fi mai buni si a evolua?

JAZZ 8: Aoleu! Daca m-as apuca sa vorbesc eu despre asta nu ar mai fi interviu, ci teza de doctorat in "M*ie Romania, da' totusi te iubesc!".

Ca sa restrang cat pot eu de tare voi spune doar ca ma enerveaza ca nu intelegem ca am putea fi si noi oameni misto daca n-am fi preocupati cu incercarea de a impresiona alti oameni despre care credem sau ni se spune ca sunt misto.

Ma enerveaza ca nu stim ca schimbarea vine din noi si nu e doar o chestie pentru ochiul lumii.

Ma enerveaza ca traim o viata duplicitara: Aia scrisa pe foaie, aia despre care stim ca asa ar trebui sa fie si aia care e de fapt.

"Ce-a facut ma? A furat? Huuaa! La puscarie! Asa ceva este inadmisibil!... Da ma, am luat astea de la cum e...e greu frate. Tre' sa traim si noi!"

Kent Archie: I really don't like this new trend where everyone wants to be seen for all the wrong reasons.

It's this new self-centered attitude that may have always been around but with the new social media outlets people are taking it to 100.

For example, these videos I keep seeing with people drawing a unibrow on their face and making black dots that supposed to represent pimples, then they cover the camera with their hand and once they remove it they're beautiful, due to the help of make up most times.

There's just so much more important shit people could be doing with their time. Like encouraging or helping another person somehow.

Meanwhile a young black woman was pulled over by a cop for failure to use her turning signal.

That escalades into her being forced out of her car, next being thrown to the ground and arrested, then found dead in her jail cell which was claimed to be suicide. Or the girl who gets raped by 7 guys in Vaslui and they just get off the hook because their parents have money or connections.

We're just giving attention to all the wrong things, and neglecting things that actually matter. It's just this mentality people have like if it's not happing to me it's ok. As long as my family is good, it's all good.

Everything starts with the individual. You know how they say: “you have to be the change you want to see”, well it's true. If you respect yourself and love yourself as a default you will treat others the same.


De unde va inspirati atunci cand faceti muzica?

JAZZ 8: Din tot ce mi se intampla mie sau in jurul meu.

Kent Archie: Everything comes from a personal place. Rather it's how I feel about something I've witnessed, or something I've been through. Also depends on the mood of the instrumental.

That really determines what I'll write. I don't like to write lyrics without the beat. I feel like writing along with the instrumental makes things more authentic and the track can really pull emotions out of you.

La ce sa ne asteptam de la noul vostru album si ce ne puteti spune despre Romanglish?

JAZZ 8: A fost lansat deja albumul. Nu ne-a mai ramas decat sa il lansam in online pe tot.

Kent Archie: Man it's something fresh, dope, creative and real. We spoke on subjects that we wanted to talk about.

We didn't make this project seeking radio success. Sure we though "hey this song could be a radio track", but there was no intentions on trying to make a commercial hit. We just spoke on things that I feel everyone else was thinking or talking about.


Clipul de la PCiP este superb din punct de vedere vizual. Cine a gandit campania si cat a durat realizarea acestuia?

JAZZ 8: Multumim. A durat vreo 2 ani din varii motive. De gandit au gandit-o baietii de la VALEA. Daca de regula noi ne lasam amprenta in clipurile noastre, le regizam, le filmam, le scriem si asa mai departe… de data asta ne-am luat complet mainile de pe el si i-am lasat pe baieti sa ne surprinda si au facut-o intr-un mod extraordinar.

Kent Archie: Man that's a story. So there is a blog called “Pizde cu iPhone” some friends of ours created.

Then we played the beat for the guys and freestyled about the subject. They thought it was great and said lets actually do a track for this.

Valea (the team that made the Fuck That) came up with the crazy fruit idea. We brain stormed and had a few ideas but it just wasn't working out, so fruit was the best alternative. This video was supposed to come out last summer, so it took some time but all worked out in the end.

Kent, cand ai venit in Romania si de ce ai ales Bucurestiul in favoarea Cleveland-ului?

Well I ended up in Bucharest, Romania because I was in a relationship. The plan was to stay here for one year then head back home.

That was the same year I met Jazz, but we ended up doing music and my one year plans changed.

Yeah it would have been better back home for obvious reasons, but this is just how it played out.

Jazz 8, cum ti pare industria muzicala din Romania si care sunt artistii locali pe care-i admiri?

Mi se pare ca are multe probleme si hibe. Exista un potential imens la noi dar din pacate, in opinia mea, avem mult prea multi executanti si mult prea putini artisti, mult prea multe retete si mult prea putina inspiratie, multi imbecili in pozitii cu putere de decizie care nu ar trebui sa fie acolo si putini care chiar vor sa ajute la evolutia lucrurilor intr-o directie buna.

In general banul vorbeste si nu ca as avea o problema cu asta, ca na.. nu am cum sa schimb asta, dar mi-as dori ca banul sa vorbeasca limba corecta si sa genereze competitie reala si etalare reala de skill-uri nu retete si lucruri fixe stagnate pentru ca inca functioneaza.

De apreciat, apreciez multi artisti autohtoni. In general pe cei care au treaba cu sufletul. Aia care privesc in el si relateaza. Avem multi. Nu-mi plac aia care ambaleaza frumos, dar nu au nici o treaba cu realitatea.

Cand nu-mi provoci nimic si ma lasi inert, esti degeaba!


Spuneti-mi 3 piese pe care le ascultati oricand cu placere.


Led Zeppelin - Whole lotta love

The Prodigy - Firestarter

ODB - Shimmy Shimmy Ya....

Astea mi-au venit in minte acum pe loc, dar eu iubesc muzica si ce inseamna ea pentru umanitate si am o gramada de capodopere de care nu ma satur in veci.

Kent Archie:

Biggie -  Who shot ya

Joe Crocker - With a little help from my friends (Woodstock Version)

Michael Jackson - Wanna be startin something

Ce va propuneti prin muzica pe care o faceti si care sunt planurile de viitor?

JAZZ 8: Ne propunem sa incantam pe oricare frecventa posibila pe care ne apucam sa emitem. Planul nostru de viitor este sa supravietuim. Cu eleganta daca se poate.

Kent Archie: Just want to relate to people. Make them feel like they're not alone and someone else is thinking the same way as them and going through the same things they're going through. I want to give people some hope that good changes are ahead and it will be alright.

That's what my favorite artist did for me, so I want to do the same. I'm working on a solo EP, I think Jazz is as well. I also have a band project I'm planning on doing something with.

Stiu ca ati facut un serial de cyphere la noi. Povestiti-mi putin despre el. Il mai faceti in continuare?

JAZZ 8: Orice e posibil. Deocamdata e intr-o pauza prelungita pentru ca am avut toti treaba. Daca il reluam mi-as dori sa il ducem la urmatorul nivel.

Asta a fost un fel de bebelus al meu ca si proiect.

Mi-am dorit sa fac asta pentru ca se cerea de mult asa ceva si la noi. Era o bucata care lipsea din puzzle-ul asta al hip hop-ului din Romania. Traim. Vedem.

Kent Archie: Yeah we did the cyphers with our SicksoundCrew. It was something cool to do and something people weren't doing in Romania. Like Team Backpack out of The States, they have cypher series.

Jazz came up with the idea we should do that with the crew. We all agreed and thought it would be something fresh to present to the people. We haven't been seriously talking about continuing even though it would be nice to start it up again.

There are 5 of us in that crew and it's always hard to get everyone in one place.

It would be nice to do a few more though. I know I’ve been thinking about it. Let's see what the future holds.


Care credeti ca sunt elementele care va diferentiaza de restul care fac rap in Romania?

JAZZ 8: Viziunea. Experientele personale. Perceptia noastra asupra vietii. Astea sunt elementele care fac diferenta.

Toti au ceva de spus si o fac in felul lor deci...felul nostru.

Kent Archie: Romanglish was this clash of cultures, two different people from different walks of life, but still shared similar opinions on everyday life. That alone set us apart from everyone else. It was a concept album with a language mix.

Also Mike Miles made the majority of the beats on the album and the sound he has is like nothing else. That dude is crazy talented. He lives in the future if you ask me. I wish he'd come visit Romania already. He has this huge tattoo on his arm with Vlad the Impaler with people being impaled and dying on the fields.

This was way before I spit on verse in Romania. I find it funny his music is being heard and appreciated by people over here, and he has a huge tattoo of one of your kings. He probably never thought in a million years his music would be heard by the descendants of Vlad Tepes.

On second thought he probably did.


Pareri despre orase - ce are Bucurestiul si n-are Clevelandul si ce are Clevalendul si n-are Bucurestiul?

JAZZ 8: Nu stiu despre ce are unul si ce nu are celalalt oras pentru ca probabil sunt multe chestii fiind continente diferite si stiluri de viata diferite. Iti pot spune insa ce au amandoua: statuia lui Eminescu.

Kent Archie: Cleveland has a lot of black people Bucharest does not. Seriously Cleveland is very diverse.

You could walk 100 meters up any downtown street and see at least 100 different ethnicities. We have a few skyscrapers. I've seen more supercars in Bucharest then I've ever seen in my life. In Cleveland you can find some many old school American cars on 22"inch rims.

Bucharest has really nice parks inside the city. Most of the parks in Cleveland are outside of the city. There is enough parking spaces for everyone in Cleveland.

Never will you find people leaving the club at 5am or 6am in Cleveland. Clubs get shut down at 2am.

People are more relaxed and chill back home. Bucharest really feels like a rat race. I can go all day with this but I'll stop here.

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