Videoclipuri noi pentru tot albumul Royksopp - Senior

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Pe 4 noiembrie, Royksopp a lansat un concurs de videoclipuri pentru toate piesele de pe albumul Senior. Acesta s-a incheiat pe 21 ianuarie.

Motivul pentru care au vrut ca toate piesele de pe album sa se bucure de un videoclip a fost urmatorul:

"Let's start by saying Senior is an ‘album’. “Well, of course...”, one might say, but allow us to elaborate; Senior is a string of tracks, each designated to take on a specific part in a bigger piece. All individual numbers have been made with the intent of coexisting with the other tracks on the album. And each track is equally as important as it's predecessor and successor. In this symbiosis, we feel that the different tracks will be given an even more profound meaning or deeper sense when placed in correlation to the other tracks.

So, to us, this is an album where no track is more important or dominating than the other - all the tracks should be regarded as part of one greater entity. With that in mind, we feel that none of the tracks should be regarded outside of this context, ie. separated from the rest of the album. Quite a brave/stupid thing to do in this day & age of iPods and cherrypicking, one might suggest. We couldn't agree more - hell that's even probably why we did it.

That's why we're featuring the whole album on, instead of an individual track. With the focus on the album as a whole it didn't feel right to pick out one track for you to make music videos for. So we're giving you the freedom to listen to the album and choose the tracks that resonate with you." (via)

Marele castigator a primit 3000 de $, iar ceilalti 8 castigatori, unul pentru fiecare piesa de pe album, au castigat cate 1000 de $.

Aveti mai jos toate cele 9 videoclipuri. Ce poate fi mai bun pentru un fan Royksopp? :D


…And The Forest Began To Sing si Tricky Two

Senior Living si The Drug

Foresaken Cowboy si The Fear

Coming Home si A Long, Long Way

The Alcoholic - the big winner

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