De ascultat - Best of 2010: Arcade Fire - The Suburbs (in intregime)

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The Suburbs
Albumul The Suburbs al celor de la Arcade Fire este considerat de foarte multi a fi cel mai bun album al anului 2010, au primit si un Grammy care poarta acest titlu si un Brit Award pentru cel mai bun album international al anului 2010. Acest al treilea album le-a adus, fara nicio exagerare, statutul de indie rock royalty si daca nu l-ati ascultat pana acum, dati play imediat pentru a sterge aceasta rusine.

The Suburbs a fost laudat de foarte multe publicatii de renume:

BBC Music
: "Even on a cursory listen, a water-testing foray into its 16 tracks, it's immediately apparent that this is an album unlike either that came before it."

Q Magazine
: "They may well have delivered their masterpiece."

Entertainment Weekly
: "The band certainly aims for transcendence on The Suburbs--a work of impressively fervent majesty."

: "The Suburbs isn't anything as simple as back to basics--they're a much more accomplished, musically interesting band now."

Clash Music
: "Further proof that The Arcade Fire may indeed be the best band on the planet."

Slant Magazine
: "Three years later, they've given us The Suburbs, a stunningly accomplished album about embattled, often embittered, adulthood by a band that continues to mythologize childhood even as it moves decisively into artistic maturity."

: "The bulk of The Suburbs focuses on this quiet desperation borne of compounding the pain of wasting your time as an adult by romanticizing the wasted time of your youth."

Rolling Stone
: "How can any young band evolve toward that full-grown third album after starting out with a meditation on death and grief? It's no problem for Arcade Fire--these Montreal indie rockers are not shy about gunning for a solemn, grandiose, three-hankie anthem every time out."

Review-ul nostru la The Suburbs

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